This week’s assignment from the League: Sweet Ride!

reis o'brien batmobile

The last few weeks have really made the League members work for their wages, so this week’s challenge is a bit of a softball. Some League members may have already answered this week’s post in the previous assignment where we chose a piece of Hollywood movie memorabilia, but this time around, I am handicapping everyone by taking the Batmobile, in all its incarnations, off the table.

This week’s league topic:


Besides the Batmobile, what is the sweetest ride cruising the streets of pop culture?


league logoThat awesome illustration above is by League member, Reis O’Brien, and if you are looking for some inspiration for this week’s topic, check out Reis’ series of VROOOM! illustrations.

Once you put up a post on your site add a comment below with the URL. Next Monday, I will put up a post here on Cool & Collected with a list of all the contributing blogs. Once that list is posted, if you haven’t already done so, try to incorporate at least three of your fellow League members’ links (but more would be great!) into the article you wrote on your site.

By cross-posting like this, we will help each other out by sending new readers to each other’s sites. Have fun!


(Wondering what the heck this is all about? We’re recruiting for this loose-knit, rag tag crew! Here are the details for joining The League.)


  1. says

    First, you honor me, sir. Thank you for giving a shout out to my VROOOM! series!

    Second, OH COME ON! Not only did I go crazy on the Hollywood memorabilia assignment and already choose no less than 5 TV and movie vehicles, but now I’ve gotta narrow it down to just one? AND NO BATMOBILE?! GAH!

    Holy beef enchiladas…. this is going to be tough.

    • says

      Hey Reis, thank YOU for letting me use that image. I saw you mention there might be a VROOOM! book in the works??? Just let me know when the book tour comes to DC and I’ll be first in line. 😉

      I’m approaching this week’s topic as “what Hollywood car would I want to ride around town.” This one’s easy for me, and I don’t think you’ve drawn it yet!

      • says

        There’s definitely going to be an art show with all 100 cars, and a print offered online, but the book is a big maybe. I’m working on it.

        And just because I haven’t posted it yet, doesn’t mean I haven’t drawn it! 😉

  2. says

    If I do mine, I feel like I’ll be repeating myself. And it’s probably pretty obvious if you’ve read my blog for longer than 15 mins.

    I’m going to try to think of a different way to answer this.

  3. says

    How dare you hanicapp my pick, kind sir 😛

    Seems as if Paxton Holley already snagged option #2. So, to be diffrent, I will pick another car. I already have 3 in mind 😉


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