King Kong World Tour — Atlanta, GA


The King Kong World Tour continues as Kong hitched a ride in the back of a watermelon truck and ended up in Atlanta, Georgia with a hankering for some Southern comfort food.

Raaaaaa! It’s the Branded in the 80’s headquarters! The latest stop on the World Tour was with Shawn Robare, who kindly offered to show Kong around Atlanta while he was in town.

First stop, Videodrome–one of the last of a dying breed of video/dvd rental mom and pop shops in Atlanta.

The selection was great and Kong felt right at home!

The Vortex is a restaurant in Little 5 Points in Atlanta, and is one of Shawn’s favorite places. He thought the building’s facade would remind Kong of home.

“Fried pickles? Just keep ’em coming, lady!”

Shawn also took Kong to an Atlanta landmark– the Varsity– a hot dog place known for their chili and slaw dogs. “The hot dogs were this big!”

The onion rings were amazing!

Back at the Branded in the 80’s headquarters, Kong was thrilled to see Shawn’s G.I. Joe wall.

And check out this shot of Kong at an early age. He’s still got it, doesn’t he?


Thanks Shawn for letting Kong crash on your couch, and after feeding him all those onion rings and fried pickles, I would hate to see that plumbing bill!

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