Announcing the King Kong World Tour!

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It’s been a slow week and my mind got to wandering to an idea I’ve been wanting to put into action for a while. Gnomes do it, Stanley does itGandalf does it, Spock even did it–now it’s the big guy’s turn…

king kong world tour

King Kong is going on a looooong journey. His bags are packed and he’s headed to Skull Island Airport as we speak. But where in the world is he going?

If you would like to have Kong crash on your couch for a few days, add a comment below (make sure to fill out the email field so I can contact you).

Kong really wants to see the world, and it will be fun to follow his adventures every step of the way. If you have a blog, you can post some pictures of Kong’s visit and I’ll add an update here on Cool & Collected as well. If you don’t have a blog, send me the pictures and I’ll post them here on Cool & Collected.

Once people have signed up, I will ship Kong to his first stop along with the name and address of where that person should send him when his visit is over. I’ll keep track of his progress here on the site. You will be responsible for paying for the postage. Kong weighs in at a svelte 6.4 ozs. so shipping costs will be pretty low–he even qualifies for first class mail!

king kong world tour

So, if you want to take part in this fun diversion, and show Kong around your home town, leave a comment below!

View the first stop of the King Kong World Tour.


  1. Collectibly says

    If you’re gonna travel the 7 seas, do pop by the sunny island of Singapore. :) lotsa foods you’ve never eaten.

  2. says

    If you keep him from me I will have to hunt you down and write my name in your blood. You realize that of course. I will treat Kong like the King he is and he will find much love in the Tundra. Oh and I was kidding about the blood thing. More likely drown you in a barrel of maple syrup.

  3. says

    Kong would be right at home vacationing with my monster toys! And if he made it here the first week of June, he could be on assignment at HeroesCon! (Either way, we’d love to have him.)

  4. says

    Can we add a hat or cape to his outfit when we send him along or will a sticker on the box serve as travel brochure himself. You need to pack him in a metal case, I have the perfect one, so that people can add something to go along with him or add a sticker. Email me wil ya.

    • says

      Please do! I was hoping to scrounge up a suitcase or Hawaiian shirt, but my supplies weren’t up to the task. Kong is currently in the mail and has another destination lined up after that, but I think he needs to get to Canada sooner rather than later! I’ll bump you up in the queue. 😉

      • says

        Thanks. I will email you the box I will put him in when I get him. It’s a lunch box from the Six Million Dollar Man. I will email you the pics.

  5. Cliff says

    I can’t believe that i was not only the first to comment but i also offered an international destination which is a world heritage site and beautiful and i didn’t even get a reply!

    Not cool kong, not cool at all…

    • says

      Don’t worry, Kong will definitely get to you. He’s going to chill here in North America for a bit, and then he’ll make the leap across the pond.

  6. Grey says

    How about a trip to the Windy City & attend the comic book show on 4/27 then visit the antique toy show on 4/28????

  7. says

    I could give Kong a brief trip around. Actually, I could pick him up at C2E2, if that other guy gets him in time. These are good fun, I’ve done similar before, but never with a Kong.

  8. says

    Hey if he isn’t scheduled to make a trip to Maine already I will happily get a shot of him duking it out with Paul Bunyan or a lobster or some other such nonsense. I don’t know how I never noticed this when you originally posted it! But now that it’s the post the page seems to have frozen on (for me at least) I’m glad I finally saw it! This looks like it will be so much fun!

  9. says

    Just a quick note to all those who have responded–you are ALL entered into Kong’s itinerary. I’ll be going in order for the most part, but keeping him in North America for a while– and then we’ll get to those awesome folks overseas.

    It might take a while before Kong gets to you, but he WILL get to you, unless he gets lost in the mail! Thanks guys!

    (It’s not too late to add your name to the list. If you want to host King Kong, just add a comment here expressing your interest.)


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