When Jax and Clay jumped the shark

sons of anarchy

I’ve been a fan of the FX network’s Sons of Anarchy since the first episode. Who would have thought a show about a biker gang would be relevant outside of the 70’s, but due to the show’s intriguing storylines and characters, it kept me coming back for more. This season, it seems like the writers may have run out of ideas and the quaint little town of Charming has a higher (and more gruesome) murder rate than any major city in the country. And then this happened…

sons of anarchy

My eyes! What was that?!? Walton Goggins as Venus Van Damme, a full-blown transgender mistress of the night? Whaaaa? Not only did this appearance lessen my interest in SOA, it might very well have affected my opinion of Justified, another one of my favorite shows. How am I going to watch Boyd Crowder now, when all I will see is Ms. Van Damme!

Crud, Goggins is also going to be in Django Unchained.

So, not only has SOA jumped the shark for me, but it appears that Walton Goggins may have jumped as well. sigh.


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    This is a perfect moment of jumping the shark that I completely forgot (probably on purpose). What an awkward and troubling scene indeed. SOA is something I have picked up in the last year and have loved it since ep 1 but this season it just seems a little too coo coo for cocoa puffs.

    Plus a certain someone died (no spoiler) which was so sad and infuriating!

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      Yeah this season is certainly not living up to the standards set in the previous ones. There’s really no likable characters anymore. Even Tara has lost most of her redeeming qualities.

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          Nope, not the final season. It looks like there will be seven seasons before they end it.
          The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter is married to Katey Sagall, so I don’t think Gemma will be getting the same treatment as some of the less fortunate members of SAMCRO. 😉

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    I love the show but that episode was insane with the tranny. I didn’t think random murder was so easy to get away with however this season appears to be open season for killing. I still like it and keep watching for the train wreck factor at this point. FX is definitely pushing the envelope with sex and violence on their hot series of shows lately.

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      It’s like they’re trying to top themselves every week, which actually dulls the effect for us viewers. After what happened to Opie in the prison, and Tig’s daughters, there’s not a whole lot of room for a shock factor anymore. I just wish they would rely a little more on good storytelling like in the earlier seasons.

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    Ha ha. Jumped the shark, that’s madness! SOA is as good as ever. This scene was fantastic. I was cracking up, a real highlight, especially when seeing how Tig was really infatuated with him/her.

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      Only time will tell, but I have a feeling when the series ends and the blu-ray boxed sets are released, this is the season that is seen as the tipping point. (Tig’s reaction was pretty good, though.)

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    I actually thought that scene was funny, yet disturbing. Walton Goggins is hillarious. and the fact that his tranny uses the name ‘Van Damne’ is hilarious because his character on ‘The Shield’ used the same alias from time to time. And Sutter worked on that show too. I’m liking this season, it’s dark but they live in a dark world. But i can see why this would be a jump the shark for you.

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      Sutter has said that we’ll probably see Miss Van Damme return–not sure if I’m ready for that. 😉

      The show just seems to be trying too hard this season to achieve the shock value. The quaint little town of Charming is a scary, scary place.

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