Vintage Pop Culture from the Old West

vintage cowboy collection

A couple of years ago, I challenged myself with the daunting task of photographing a collection a day. I made it to 68 days before running out of steam–though I did have more collections to photograph! One of my favorite photographs from that series was this image of vintage Cowboy ephemera I had amassed.

Taking photos of a large grouping of items is no easy task. Getting the lighting and focus correct on all areas of the image is a challenge for an amateur like myself. I honestly don’t know what it is about this image that makes it work so much better than the others, but I’ve always been proud of this one.

I’m going to try and take a photo of my vintage Lone Ranger items sometime this week in response to this week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenge, and I hope I can do the items justice. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out what other League member’s are writing about cowboys this week: Branded in the 80’sRediscover the 80’s, Fortune and Glory (Days), and more!


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    My 8 year old self would have gone nuts for most of the stuff in the pic. (my 31 year old self might too!) Especially those cap guns! The only thing about cap guns that sucks however, is the fact that you always ran out of caps so fast!

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      Ha! We used to take a hammer to the entire roll of caps. In one fell swoop, all the caps would go off, and there was usually fire involved. Who needs the guns?! 😉

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