Vintage James Bond Aston Martin DB 5 — Corgi #261

corgi james bond aston martin

This is one of the crown jewels of my collection. This vintage Aston Martin D.B. 5 was produced by Corgi in 1965 and is based on the car driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond classic, Goldfinger. The box art in this small little package packs a lot of punch, and looks great on display.

corgi james bond aston martin

The diecast car is 1:43 scale, larger than your standard Hot Wheels or Matchbox car, and sits on this awesome cardboard insert which has cut outs for the wheels to prevent the car from rolling around in the box.

corgi james bond aston martin

The back side of the insert shows what can happen if you get on Bond’s bad side.

corgi james bond aston martin

The instructions are packaged in a sealed 007 envelope that is stored in a compartment beneath the car in the cardboard insert.

corgi james bond aston martin

The car itself is a site to behold, but be careful what button you push! There are three spring-activated switches that operate the front machine guns, the ejector seat, and the bullet shield in the back. Sadly, my car lost the passenger somewhere down the road.

These aren’t all that rare, but this iconic car in its original packaging usually sells for over $200 on eBay — I got mine for just $15! The collecting gods were smiling down on me that day.


  1. says

    Great score! My dad has the silver paint/window box version – he got it brand new way back then. It was always the most tempting toy in his ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ car collection when I was little, due to all the nifty gadgets. I remember springing the passenger out one time and thinking he was lost forever; my young life flashed before my eyes that day! Fortunately I found him buried deep in the shag carpet and replaced him before I was busted, and haven’t touched the car since.

  2. Joe says

    I have been looking for the silver model for years. When I was a boy and had my own money for the first time (paper route) I went to the hobby store to purchase this car for $4 (a lot of money for me back then). Unfortunately, I was lured away by a 1000 pc. army men set (it now seems like a scene out of Leave it to Beaver). Of course, it didn’t really matter because about 1 year later I came home from playing ball and my mom told me she gave my entire Matchbox collection (I had a carrying case, and lots of cool cars) to my cousin because I was getting to old for them :( She did the same with my Superman and Batman comics, which I’m still now trying to recoup via eBay. Thanks for the memory and hold on to that car.

    • says

      Ouch! I think all of us collectors have a similar story from our youth. I’m doing my best to ensure my wife holds onto my kids’ favorite toys, but time will tell if they end up with a similar story.

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