“Toy Hunter” wants to rate your toy collection

toy hunter jordan hembrough

The Travel Channel recently launched the Toy Hunter section of their website where you can see videos about Jordan Hembrough and the show, but I got sidetracked by the “Rate Your Toy” section. You can upload photos of your collection and rate other people’s collections. There are some seriously amazing collections up there, and once the show hits the airwaves again, there are sure to be plenty of more collections added.

king kong toy collection

If you’re like me, and enjoy looking at other people’s toy collections, head on over and check out the photos, and while you’re there, you can rate my photos (just look for King Kong!).



  1. says

    You know,a lot of people talked bad about this show when the pilot first aired a few months back but i loved it!When shows like this come along we have to lend our support or else any future toy collecting shows may be canned as well.I’m glad this will be back on the air :)

    • says

      I’m with you, and will continue to be this shows biggest cheerleader. I’ve actually been fortunate to talk with Jordan a few times and he really is a good guy.

      I can’t wait for the full season next month!

    • says

      The show has only had a pilot episode so far, but it was picked up for a full season which begins on August 15 on the Travel Channel.

  2. says

    These look great guys! I love seeing all the other collections… please tell your friends.

    We’re really trying to build a community over here at Toy Hunter and Travel Channel. I love Geeking out with everyone else seeing the collections.

    I’ll be checking out the updates each day… thanks again!

    Hollywood Heroes
    Toy Hunter on TRAVEL CHANNEL

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by Jordan. The Toy Hunter site is already a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see it after the show premieres.

  3. Betty Kamin says

    I have a Cabbage Patch Doll never opened that I purchased during the Cabbage Patch Beginnings! I also have the Platinum Membership edition of the Beanie Babies and Clubby 2 Buddy and Clubby 2 Baby and many more if you are interested. I also have an old doll that is in good condition except that it was stored and its eyes don’t open and shut anymore. She is a bride doll that walks when you hold her hand from the 50′s. Also a small china-doll that is from way back!

  4. Lora Richeson says

    Hey, Jordan, I have a couple of old fischer price pull toys and was wondering of you could give me an approx. price I could sell them for. I have a cow and a couple of train pieces.

  5. Cheryl Norman says

    I have Luke and Leia 12 inch dolls from Star Wars that have never been out of the box and are original from 1977. I also have Barbie & Ken in Star Trek uniforms from 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, also never out of the box. Do any of these dolls (not action figures) have much value to collectors?


  6. david says

    i have a vintage 1969 hot wheels drag car speed freak romons barracuda i want to know how much its worth thank you

    i did see a epasode where you bought 1 from a guy for 400 and it was a 1971 i have a 1969 model diecarst bottom

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