This week’s assignment from the League: Yo Joe!

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers got to know Jack, and this week, we’re going to discuss another all-American name…

Yo Joe!

Once you put up a post on your site, add a comment below with the URL so everyone knows where to find it. Remember to include links to your fellow League members in your article, along with a League logo and link, so other bloggers can learn how to join in the fun.

Blog karma is a good thing — by cross-posting like this, we will help send each other new readers, and receive a few in return. If you would like to join the League, all you need is a love of pop culture and a blog. Come join the fun, and tell your friends!


    • says

      Loved the article. Starting looking at other parts of your site. Love the “bedrooms” feature. And yes, there should be some degree for what you do. BTW, I think I might have identified the robot in the Explorers room. Left a comment and link on that page.

      • says

        Dude, you totally nailed the robot! And thanks for the kind words on Branded. Glad I saw this here, going to add your website to that Explorers update…


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