This week’s assignment from the League: Things that make you go “Whoah.”

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Last week, the Twitter-verse was throwing high fives all around as we watched the Hulk grab Iron Man out of mid-air and slide down the side of a building in the new Avengers trailer. It got me thinking about other times pop culture rocked my world, which led to this week’s topic…


What media announcement had you throwing fist pumps and doing roundhouse kicks in the air? Did the final result live up to your dreams?


Once you put up a post on your site add a comment below with the URL. Next Monday, I will put up a post here on Cool & Collected with a list of all the contributing blogs. Once that list is posted, if you haven’t already done so, try to incorporate at least three of your fellow League members’ links (but more would be great!) into the article you wrote on your site.

By cross-posting like this, we will help each other out by sending new readers to each other’s sites. Have fun!


(Wondering what the heck this is all about? We’re recruiting for this loose-knit, rag tag crew! Here are the details for joining The League.)



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    This one is easy for me, it was way back when they announced the Original Star Wars was going to be re-released in theatres with extended scenes. My second was the announcement for Indiana Jones 4.

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    I’m going to have to pass on this one. Call me cynical or jaded but there’s nothing that has me excited enough to be more than mildly interested. And I’ve tried writing an assignment based around my mild interest-to-general-expect-it-to-be-crap attitude and it’s just coming off as whining.

    Blame The Phantom Menace.

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    For the third week in a row, I am bowing out. I can’t think of anything that had me fist pumping. I think it’s the meds. Sorry, guys. I’ll check in next week.

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      Not a problem jason. Some topics are gonna strike a chord and others aren’t. Just play along with the ones that get you excited.

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    Hey team, sorry been so scarce. Couldn’t think of a media announcement that made me so crazy as to do roundhouse kicks in the air. At least, not of late. I’ll check in on future topics and see if I got something to toss in. =)


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