This week’s assignment from the League: State of the Site

how you doin?

This week’s topic is going to have you toot your own horn a bit, but I would also like to see you promote the League in some capacity. I’d really like to get some new bloggers onboard, so when you write your weekly posts, try to include a link to the League info page here on Cool & Collected or make a page with the info on your own site, so it’s easy for others to find out how to join. Now, for this week’s topic…

Write a “State of the Site” for your web site. How’s it going? What exciting things have happened this past year? Where do you want your site to be in a year’s time? 

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We have a pretty good thing going here–your fellow League members are probably the biggest fans and cheerleaders of your site, so take a moment to return the favor and read what they have written, comment on their posts, and link back to their sites.

Once you put up a post on your site add a comment below with the URL. Next Monday, I will put up a post here on Cool & Collected with a list of all the contributing blogs. Once that list is posted, if you haven’t already done so, try to incorporate at least three of your fellow League members’ links (but more would be great!) into the article you wrote on your site.

By cross-posting like this, we will help each other out by sending new readers to each other’s sites. Have fun!


(Wondering what the heck this is all about? We’re recruiting for this loose-knit, rag tag crew! Here are the details for joining The League.)


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    I’m bummed that I’m missing out on the League posts while my blog is in Halloween Countdown mode. But luckily, I do a monthly State of the Horde Address on the first of each month, so is fits in nicely even though I’m technically not participating in the League posts until Halloween is over. But I’m still having a blast reading all the League assignments from everyone!


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