This week’s assignment from the League: How to destroy the Death Star

how to destroy the death star

We all have our own skills and talents, and I thought that this week we could learn a thing or two from one another. This week’s League challenge…

Write a step-by-step guide on how to do something. This could be a real world project or a fantastical one, so do with it as you will.

league logo Once you put up a post on your site add a comment below with the URL. Next Monday, I will put up a post here on Cool & Collected with a list of all the contributing blogs. Once that list is posted, if you haven’t already done so, try to incorporate at least three of your fellow League members’ links (but more would be great!) into the article you wrote on your site.

By cross-posting like this, we will help each other out by sending new readers to each other’s sites. Have fun!


(Wondering what the heck this is all about? We’re recruiting for this loose-knit, rag tag crew! Here are the details for joining The League.)


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    Apparently, this is the week where I learn that no one reads anything past the headline. 😉

    Strangely enough, I’m possibly enjoying the results even more.

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      Haha! Step 12!

      My mother never understood that if she called my house and I didn’t answer, it was because I was online yet no matter how many times I told her if that happened that I’d call her on my cell (because trust me, I’d know when she’d called) she’d still just hang on the line until it disconnected me. And it’s funny how she ALWAYS managed to try to call me when I was playing EverQuest or, more specifically, running across the mountain range between Qeynos and Freeport.

      There’s nothing quite like logging back into EQ after a disconnect and having to sit helpless as you watch your character tumbling over the cliffs…


  1. […] Perhaps if I have time later in the week I’ll plot out how to destroy the death star, but for now this will have to be it. If you’d like to see a brilliant way to destroy the death star and get a cup of joe at the same time check out Primordial Badger’s post on the subject. Both Spaceman Star and Crooked Ninja have their own plans to destroy the deathstar as well. For other how to’s (ones that follow my heart) Learn about books/reading with Adamotomy, cooking poptarts with Monster Cafe or Proving fabled creatures exist with Green Plastic. For a complete list of entries head over to the League’s main post. […]

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