The League has spoken: Zombie Apocalypse

League of Extraordinary BloggersThis week’s League topic had some of the best responses yet! The assignment asked who you would want beside you during the zombie apocalypse, and the variety of answers was awesome, even though Kate Beckinsale didn’t show up. Every week, I am so impressed and amused by everyone’s answers, but this time around, there were some absolute gems…

  • Christopher Tupa had an inspired pick. I just hope all those gold chains don’t attract the zombies’ attention.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom thinks the zombies are just the first wave in an alien attack, so he has chosen his partner wisely.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected will gladly cower behind a macho man when the zombies attack.
  • Jason at I Fart Online picked a doctor to be by his side. (No, not THAT doctor.)
  • John at the Revenge from the Cosmic Ark had the brilliant idea to spend the apocalypse with a beautiful woman (and her machine gun leg).
  • Iok at That Figures had an amusing choice, but I would get tired of constantly hearing. “Where’s Carl?”
  • Reis at the lair of the Dorke Horde has chosen a character who the zombies wouldn’t even hear coming.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why chose an entire zombie fighting team.
  • Mike at the Sexy Geek chose an appropriately named guy to challenge the undead.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions picked some nerdy guy I’ve never heard of, and is probably going to regret his decision.
  • Jeremy at Geek Chunks shows off his mad Photoshop skills with his zombie fighting companion.
  • Jeff at Siftin’ had a wonderful pick this week.
  • Fiji Mermaid at Sideshow Cinema chose an indestructable ally.
  • Tom at Freak Studios went a different route and selected the slow fat kid.
  • Rather than fighting it out, Michael May plans to hop aboard a spaceship and find a planet without zombies. Smart man.

I gotta say, Tom’s selection criteria had me laughing pretty good, and Jeremy’s Photoshopped entry was genius.

Around the League:

Some other things that caught my eye on League member sites this week…


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  1. says

    Kevin’s pick of Jonah Ray is probably the best possible “real life” choice out there! He’s like a zombie scholar (nerd).

    Thanks for the shout out and kind words about my Shadow fig. I’m so happy with the way he came together.

    • says

      I’m a sucker for good toy photography Dex and that shot in front of the open book is an idea I am definitely going to steal someday. 😉

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