Some more action figures for sale!

They just keep coming. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I was excited to find Last Action Hero action figures, but I really was. Any action figure based on an 80’s action movie is okay in my book, and that includes ANY Schwarzenegger flick. So, here’s another batch f figures. if you see something you want, drop me a note along with a price — shipping is typically around $12, so buy more than one! Also, be sure to check out the previous couple of posts, because I still have way too many boxes piled up around me!

action-figures-for-sale-7 action-figures-for-sale-6 action-figures-for-sale-5

These guys are big! Hicks looks kinda goofy but that Alien would look great on any desk!

action-figures-for-sale-4   action-figures-for-sale-1


I’m only interested in selling these Tales form the Cryptkeeper figures as a set. All eight figures from the series are there, and it would be a shame to break it up.


Now these Lanard Corps figure sets have me baffled. I know there are collectors out there, but I have not seen any comparable items to compare these to online. Somebody help me out before I get taken for a ride! What should I price these as? There are 6-figure box sets with vehicles, and there are also a couple of 3-packs. I know they’re not Joes, but the completists or customizers might really want these, right? Right? (And yes, I know they’re the Corps!)



  1. says

    Holy crap, Brian, I don’t normally geek out about figures anymore but I wasn’t even aware they made figs for Last Action Hero and Demolition Man. MIND=BLOWN.

    I love looking at these posts but I’m not really ever tempted to buy anything. That is, until I saw those carded Shadow figures. Especially the Ninja Shadow and Ambush Shadow figures. I’m SORELY tempted to offer for those. Did you find any of the vehicles or the Transforming Lamont Cranston figure?


    • Brian says

      Not gonna lie Pax, but I “may” have set aside a Lamont Cranston figure for myself. 😉 No vehicles though from that series. Make me a lowball offer, I may surprise you!

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