So, I have a few more action figures for sale…


The great action figure score of the year continued this weekend. I bought another nine boxes of toys, leaving behind a ton of Star Trek and Spawn figures among others. I’m actually not even done yet, as the seller is going to bring even more boxes out of his storage unit — fingers crossed for some vintage G.I. Joes, but that is REALLY wishful thinking! After this past weekend, I think I may now have one of the biggest Jurassic Park  dinosaur collections out there. I’m going to have to think about what to do with those things because they are awesome!

All of the items in the following photos are for sale, so let me know if you are interested in anything. There was a bit of confusion when I did this last week, so if you want to buy something, you will need to pay it for it soon after we agree on a price, or else it will remain available for someone else to buy–basically, it’s not yours until you’ve paid for it. I still have plenty of those figures that I showed last week, so feel free to bundle!

action-figure-collection-11action-figure-collection-6 action-figure-collection-10 action-figure-collection-9 action-figure-collection-8 action-figure-collection-7  action-figure-collection-5 action-figure-collection-4 action-figure-collection-3 action-figure-collection-2

Drop me an email if you see something you want, and make me an offer!


    • Brian says

      Yeah, he must have been. A lot of these items, especially the vehicles, have markdown price stickers. Looks like he bought them, put them in a box and forgot about them — until now!

    • Brian says

      Hey Cal, send me an email with a list of items you’re interested in and let me know what you’re willing to pay. (A good negotiator never offers his price first!) ;)

      I’m sure we can make a deal, but those shipping costs to Canada — yikes!


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