1. says

    I’ve got such awesome memories of that T-REX toy. I put it on layaway at Wal-mart as a kid and payed for it with my own money, and I’ll never forget how excited I was when I finally came home with it.

    • Brian says

      That T-Rex is pretty amazing. All those large dines are rubber which makes me nervous about their long-term durability. The ones I got are fine, but I bet those things got torn up by many kids. Hopefully they won’t turn brittle over the years like a lot of latex products tend to do.

    • Brian says

      This was definitely a diamond of a find. The large dinos can fetch hundreds of dollars each, so I am still pinching myself. I should be able to recoup my expense by selling just a couple of those.

    • Brian says

      lol. I meant that this would help fund their college, not that I spent their savings. It could buy a few books if nothing else!

  2. says

    How do you come across such finds? Keep you’re eyes out of an Oscar Goldman with Exploding briefcase When do you sell and we we get notice of that. I would totally love to see what you put up if anything.

    • Brian says

      Pretty much all of this and the items in my previous posts is going up for sale. I’m probably going to hold onto a few of the JP toys, but most of it is for sale — I just need to figure out the best way to do it.

  3. Derek says


    I’m interested in the Kenner 61066 four piece Factory Case. Are you interested in selling it? I am a JP collector and don’t have this case in my collection.

    Thanks very much and please let me know.

    You can reach me at:

  4. Arnold says


    I have question ik you have thema big red rex original? Series 1. For selling. Please sent me a messe ge. Thanx greetz

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