Remember when Spider-Man was in the Kenner Super Powers line?

super powers spiderman bootleg mexico

I picked up this bootleg figure a couple of weeks ago. It’s just so wrong that it’s right. I have a newfound love of foreign toys produced beyond the reaches of our fine American legal system.

Hey Rich, I bet you don’t have one of these in your Super Powers collection! 😉


  1. Rich (NerdNook) says

    Ha, yeah you got me there Brian! I do appreciate the foreign bootlegs but have thus far stuck to the Amigos mostly. I heard they’re using that Spidey outfit in the upcoming moving this summer 😉

    • Brian says

      Probably so. I’ll have to photograph those two together. 😉

      With no markings, it’s hard to pin down when and where these things were produced. This one says Made in China, but it seems like they are usually listed as being from Mexico.

  2. says

    Love that Spidey. Got one in my bootleg collection. I also have the Superman, which reuses the Batman body, so its Supes, with the Bat-Gloves with the fins. Ridiculously fun stuff.

    Spidey’s got a wrist gauntlet-thing on his right arm. I’ve always wondered if that was some reference to the 70s live action tv show, where he had the one web shooter?

    In my head, I like to imagine the bootleggers using some dusty old copy of Starlog or something as the only reference while designing him.


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