Movie posters like you’ve never seen them before

One of my favorite things to collect are vintage movie posters. You are probably familiar with the iconic images seen on the American posters for movies such as Star Wars and the Terminator, but when films are released in other countries, they also typically get a poster that is more in tune with that country’s audience. is currently auctioning off some amazing foreign posters, but here are a few you might really appreciate…

This Italian poster for Star Wars is so different from anything else that was produced for the movie at the time, but I wonder why there’s no Han.

Vintage Italian Star Wars poster

1b326 STAR WARS Italian 1p ’77 George Lucas classic sci-fi epic, different art by Papuzza!

This image for Terminator is way more intimidating than the U.S. poster with Schwarzenegger in his sunglasses:

Czech Terminator Poster

1d001 TERMINATOR Czech 23×33 ’90 best different art of cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger by Pecak!

Man, do I want this Conan poster! It doesn’t really look like Arnold, but who cares.

German Conan Movie Poster

1d070 CONAN THE BARBARIAN German ’82 different art of Arnold Schwarzenegger & sexy Sandahl Bergman!

Now here is a pretty big sandworm from Dune. If you’ve seen the U.S. version, it pretty much blows in comparison to this one.

German Dune Poster

1d089 DUNE German ’84 David Lynch sci-fi epic, Berkely art of desert planet & worm!

Hey, that’s not Predator! I’ll take the U.S. version of the Raiders of the Lost Ark poster over this one any day. (Sorry, Drew Struzan!)

Italian Raiders Of The Lost Ark Poster

1b305 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Italian 1p R82 great art of adventurer Harrison Ford by Struzan! is one of my favorite places to buy posters. You can bid on any of the posters shown above, and hundreds more, each week. All of their items are guaranteed to be authentic, which makes them really attractive in this day and age.

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    • says

      Yeah, I don’t know who was modeling for the artist of that Star Wars poster, but they sure don’t look like Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher.

    • says

      They certainly can be. Czechoslavakian posters have some amazing and freaky artwork — stuff that you might see in an art gallery, not in a movie theater here in the U.S.

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