Mondo’s Django Unchained poster for sale

I’ve got my eye on a couple of vintage movie posters over at Hake’s current auction and I need to raise some dough in order to hide the purchase from my wife. Anyone out there want to buy my Mondo Django Unchained poster by Tyler Stout?


I purchased this poster directly from Tyler Stout’s website, and it was one of the copies he held back from the Mondo release. the poster is in excellent condition and has been stored flat in a protective sleeve.


The back of the poster has this great little rubber stamp — I believe this is only present on the artist’s copies, but I may be mistaken.


The poster is signed in pencil by Tyler Stout, and is numbered 108/700.

These posters easily sell for up to $300 on eBay, but I would prefer to sell mine quickly without the eBay fees. If you’re interested, I’m asking $250 OBO, but I’ll only be offering it for the next few days. It really is a great poster, and I know I’ll regret parting with it, but if you want it, drop me an email (brian at to let me know. Thanks!

Update: Item has been sold. Thanks for looking!


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