Mondo TMNT Poster has arrived!

Happy Friday! Look what the mailman brought me today:

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

I was lucky enough to lock in one of these when they went on sale at the Mondo site a few weeks ago. This is the regular version, but there was also a variant that was done in black and white.

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

Photos really don’t do justice to Mondo posters, because they don’t capture the metallic inks and layered screen printing very well. I now own four Mondo posters and they consistently blow my mind when I unroll them from the shipping tube and see them for the first time.

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

Each poster is hand numbered in pencil. This one is number 52 of 155. (It’s so strange seeing Nickelodeon’s logo attached to a piece as dark and gritty as this poster.)

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

A close up of Splinter in the shadows.

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

Some menacing looking dudes.

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja (TMNT) poster

Raphael approves of his new housemates. Turtle Power!


  1. says

    Very cool! TMNT is one of my favorite properties, but I just couldn’t afford one of these at the time. Nice to see a fellow collector get such a sweet item. Please tell me that you’re going to frame it!

    • says

      Jason- I literally have hundreds of movie posters in all shapes and sizes. Deciding which ones will take up the precious wall space is a constantly evolving problem. I’ll certianly frame this TMNT poster for a while but will probably replace it with the Mondo Hellboy poster I’m expecting any day now. The colors on that one are going to be insane.


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