Massive Transformers collection found on Pawn Stars

I was a fan of Pawn Stars long before tonight’s episode, but now I will be glued to the tube whenever a new show airs, hoping they feature something as great as they did tonight.

Rick and Chumlee visit the home of Will, who has a serious Transformers habit. It looks like this guy has five of everything, all arranged in neat rows. I think he must have spent all his money on his toys and didn’t have anything left over for shelves.

Chumlee’s initial reaction to seeing the collection sums it up perfectly.

Pawn Stars Transformers Chumlee's reaction

Check out the sheer volume of Transformers included in the collection:

pawn stars transformers collection

pawn stars transformers collection

pawn stars transformers collection

pawn stars transformers collection

pawn stars transformers collection

pawn stars transformers collection

One of the great things about watching Pawn Stars is that you can learn a lot about things you never knew even existed. You can bet after all the moms across America watched this episode, they went digging through the toys stashed away in their basements or attics. Of course, you and I know that the box a toy comes in can be worth more than the toy it once held, but how many of you knew that this Fortress Maximus box could sell for $300 by itself?

pawn stars transformers Fortrress Maximus

Rick and Chumlee invite Johnny,  a local toy expert, to give an appraisal of the entire collection. He values it at $15-20,000.00, but to reach that price, the collection will have to be parsed out and sold separately, which would be a ton of work.

pawn stars transformers collection

Rick lowballs his first offer, as usual:

pawn stars transformers - Rick tries to make a deal

The owner denies the offer and Rick instantly ups his price to $10,000 but it’s still not enticing enough, so Rick and Chumlee leave empty-handed, but I bet Johnny made an offer!

I love Pawn Stars and when they feature items and collections like this, it makes me love it even more. Even if they only feature old firearms and Coke collectibles, it’s still worth watching just for Chumlee.


  1. Keith says

    My heart sank when Rick lowballed the guy. That collection is incredible! (I’d kill to know where my original Soundwave and cassetes disappeared to) Then again, I’ve seen them pass on some stuff that shocked me – particularly an awesome vintage Pez collection that Big Hoss had no clue re: its value. But this Transformers collection blew that away. (FWIW, I know someone with a Star Wars collection that is on par with this one. 3 of everything, all in original, UNOPENED boxes)

    • says

      I remember that Pez collection well! I think they offered $1,000 for a huge collection of rare dispensers, many with the original boxes. I’d love to see your friend’s Star Wars stuff if he wants to send in some pics.

    • Johnny Pawn Stars Toy Expert says

      Do you have pictures of your friends Star Wars Collection? Call Me with his info: 702-542-7770 Toy Shack 3684 paradise rd. lv 89169

  2. NeoSquirrel says

    Frankly, I’m glad the collector walked away from the lowball offer. He knew the real value, but was looking for one fell swoop to get rid of it all. Still, the collection just makes me drool having watched the ep–I’d love to get in touch with the guy to fill some gaps in my collection.

  3. says

    If you have a collection like that, the only way to go to maximize your return is to sell off the meaty ones (Fortress Max, Sky Lynx and the like) individually, and then maybe some of the smaller ones (mini-spies and such) in sets. Best thing this guy could do is spend a day pricing it all and taking it to Botcon with a few friends and selling it there. The cost of the table would be a sunk cost but he’d clear a good portion. He could then sell what was left en-masse.

    • says

      I agree. Selling a collection like that would be a massive undertaking, but if you can attend an event that focuses on the particular subject, your job will be much easier.

  4. Joe says

    I have been scouring the internet trying to find the name of an Autobot my mother gave my son for his birthday. It is a yellow sports car that you can open the doors on and the hood and see the Autobot symbol on the engine. I don’t need to know his name but I’d like to. Scratch that its driving me nuts! I NEED to! The only markings on it are under the hood where it says “Hasbro 2003” and “Takara 2003” He also has an Autobot symbol in his chest that can be seen thru the windshield when in car mode. Does anyone know? You can email me at if you might know.

  5. jason whitman says

    they were stupid they would of easily made their money back and more. i mean come on the guy had how many orginal primes?

  6. marc says

    im a fun of Yours im a collector of transformers .i like Your show speciall chumlee the big thing!!!marc from phillippines


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