Martin Ansin’s Man of Steel poster is… Super!

It really isn’t fair how artists such as Martin Ansin have been allotted so much talent. Save some for the rest of us, would you? For the last few years, Ansin has been one of my favorite poster artists, and his Man of Steel print is absolutely breathtaking…

martin ansin superman man of steel mondo poster

A while back, Mondo released this poster a little differently than they normally do, in that it was an “unlimited” release. They offered it for sale for a few days and however many copies they sold determined how many they printed. Usually, their print runs are limited to 250-500 copies, which makes the posters extremely frustrating to purchase. I believe this was only the second time that they have sold posters like this — the first time being a Dark Knight Rises poster by Olly Moss. I skipped the Moss poster, but when I saw this Superman poster, thee was no way I was passing it up. I have tried for every Martin Ansin poster Mondo has sold, but never had any luck — thankfully, Mondo took pity on us all with this print.

I’ve said it many times before, but photos simply do not do justice to these silkscreened posters. The colors are so vibrant — it is truly mindboggling how they can print a poster like this with screenprinted inks and not process colors — how do they do it!?!

martin ansin superman man of steel mondo poster

Martin Ansin is so skilled at design and layout, never mind his enormous illustration ability. His posters tell a story, but not in the same way that famed poster artists Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel might have done. Ansin employs bold, graphical stripes that are becoming his signature motif.


Looper was a pretty good movie, but Ansin’s poster was phenomenal. This print is definitely on my shortlist of “wanted posters” that I keep tracking on eBay. I haven’t even seen Elysium, but Ansin’s poster has already sold me on the fact that it must be awesome — which is exactly what a movie poster is supposed to do. Even if the movie is awful, I would probably still buy that poster and hang it on the wall — every time I look at it, I am just blown away by the concepts and layering Ansin used.

martin ansin superman man of steel mondo poster

Faithful readers of this blog will know that wall space is at a premium in my bunker, but you can bet I made room for this poster. It looks… super!


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