LEGO Club Magazine — February 2013 Issue (and catalog!)

LEGO Club magazine - February 2013

The latest issue of LEGO Club magazine and the new catalog have arrived, and as usual, it is filled with wallet-bursting goodness. A new LEGO line of products called Chima is introduced, and looks like a cross between Thundercats and Flash Gordon, so it could be very good.

LEGO Club magazine - February 2013

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear in this issue’s centerfold with this comic.

LEGO Club magazine - February 2013

The Series 9 Minifigs have a few must-gets, including a one-eyed ogre, a space zombie, and a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde figure.

LEGO Club magazine - February 2013

These Dark Knight Rises sets expand the insatiable market for the LEGO Batman fans.

LEGO Club magazine - February 2013

And it looks like the Marvel license has tapped the Spider-man franchise again with a couple of great looking sets.

LEGO just keeps hitting on all cylinders and is unstoppable in the market of fun toys for “kids” of all ages, and I’m already looking forward to the next issues of the LEGO Club magazine and catalog!


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    Those look awesome. I was in a “Lego Store” this past weekend (didn’t even know these existed!) and saw an awesome Lego R2-D2. It was at least a foot tall and had changeable positions. I was soooo close to buying it. I still kinda want it!

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      The LEGO store is a dangerous place to go if you have money in your wallet. We have a couple of those around here, but I make a point of staying away as much as possible. 😉

      That R2-D2 will set you back $180 but I can see how that would be worth it. If I were to spend that much on a set, i think i would go for a train–been wanting one of those for years!

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    LEGO has really stepped up in their licensed sets, however that’s where you pay the premium price. For their original in-house lines such as Legends of Chima, you pay a little bit less per brick/minifig because there aren’t any licensors to kick back to.

    I spent my Christmas holiday building the Fallingwater house from their Architecture line, and it was very, very enjoyable experience. I live less than 2 miles from a LEGO Store and I pay dearly for it. The VIP program which gives you reward points allows me to buy some of the bigger ticket items towards the end of the year.

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      With two boys and many doting relatives nearby, suffice it to say that a LOT of LEGO sets find their way into our home. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but the City sets are probably my favorite ones to build with the kids–they just love rolling around on the floor with a dump truck or police car. Licensed or not, LEGO gives a great bang for the buck.

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