Last batch! More action figures for sale

I went back for the final haul over the weekend and came away with a few more fun toys that you will definitely want to steal from me…


Star Wars figures finally showed up!


Who remembers Battlevision? It was made with G.I. Joe fans in mind. The Battle Wagon has been opened and has tape on the top flap.


A few stragglers.


I have never owned one of these Skeleton Warriors before, but Wow! I’m tempted to just store these away and let the bootleg/knockoff/oddball toy collectors salivate over them 20 years from now. These figures are really pretty amazing. I’ve got the complete set and want to sell these as a lot rather than breaking them up, so make me an offer for the whole set!




That Skullcycle would be a great accessory for any figure in this scale!

Like before, drop me a note if you see anything you want, and selling in bulk is always preferred, so be sure to check out the previous few posts to put together a bundle!


  1. Matt says

    Robin Hood’s Battle Wagon… that brings back some memories. I think the mold for the wagon came from a couple Ewok wagons.

  2. says

    I am definitely one of those bootleg/knockoff/oddball collectors, but a poor one at that. If I had the money to spare I’d snatch those Skeleton Warriors right up!

  3. says

    Do you still have any of those skeletal warriors figures left. I think I would like to add to my collection if you have a figure I don’t have.

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