It’s the little things that matter

My pal, Derek over at Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks, sent me a fun package the other day filled with awesome little bits of plastic. The great thing about small items, is that you can put a lot of them on the shelf!

On a recent yard sale hunt, I found this cool orange creature and Derek happened to have a few of his friends in his collection, which spawned the trade. These guys are ready to party!


The detail on this King Kong ornament is excellent — and it roars! You can bet I’ll be sneaking this guy onto the tree this Christmas.


They say if you have three of something, you have a collection. Well, it looks like I have a collection of James Bond Aston Martin DB 5’s now!


Thanks for another awesome trade Derek!


  1. says

    Wow Brian, your photography makes these toys look amazing! I’m glad you liked the package, as I had the King Kong ornament and James Bond car were set aside for you before our trade was even set! They came out of my yard-sale bin of AWESOME that I never finished writing about…

    Anyway, I love those rubber lizard guys, but as soon as I saw the spiky one you found yard-saling I knew they all had to be together. I was more that pleased by this great trade and hope you feel the same! Thanks again!

    • Brian says

      Thanks again Derek. I only highlighted a few of the items here, but believe me when I say that everything was appreciated! You can never have too many spacemen, and those How to Train Your Dragon figures are really great — my kids already swiped them. 😉

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