I’m seeing green — Hulk Collection

This week’s assignment from the League is to photograph something green, so I decided to go with Gamma Green. It’s the Incredible Hulk!

vintage hulk collection


league logo This is the latest post in response to the weekly blog challenge presented by the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. I’m not the only one emptying out my imaginary bank account. Check out some more green items on these awesome sites: Green Plastic Squirtgun, NerdLunchAction Figure Chat, Poe Ghostal, and Shezcrafti.



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    Those vintage Hulk packages remind me of that old Marvel candy you would get trick or treating as a kid. Heck, I think they still use that art on some of those packages!

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    As a kid, I had a few Hulk item (you really couldn’t help it), like a coloring book, the Mego figure, a bop bag and a bath robe. But I was never a major Hulk fan. Now after seeing The Avenegers, I think I have a new-found appreciation for the character. And this is making see things like your above pic in a whole new light.

    Awesome collection, by the way! I still have that Toy Biz figure and the little bulldozer toy (which is so weird if you think about it).

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    Nice display. I always enjoy watching the hulk in media formats like movies and TV, but never really collected any Hulk toys. Pretty much just Mego stuff. However, this pick does make me happy just looking at.

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      Thanks John. I recently got a Mego Hulk but have been too busy to put up a post about it. hopefully, I’ll get to it this week!


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