G.I. Joe toy haul from the Big Toy Auction

Last week, I won a bunch of auctions at the online Big Toy Auction and a huge box arrived on my doorstep today — that was fast! There were some serious bidders participating in the auction, and I didn’t get most of the items that I went for, like the Dino-Hunters set, but I did alright…

G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles collection

Now, most of these are not really sought-after items in the G.I. joe collector community, but I cherry picked the best of the bunch that wasn’t being heavily fought over by other bidders. All of these items are unopened and in excellent condition, and if I knew how great these items were going to be, I would have definitely bid on more. There’s just something about G.I. Joe boxes (even if they’re Ninja Force!).

G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles collection

You can never go wrong with vipers.

G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles collection - mega monsters

I was very happy to get these two figures (don’t judge me). I love things that are so bad, they’re good, and these Mega Monsters certainly fit that bill.

G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles collection - detonator

It’s always a good investment to buy the vehicles that come with exclusive figures. Most collectors don’t care for the vehicles at all, but they HAVE to have a complete set of figures. Many times, the action figure is worth much more than the vehicle he came with, so this Detonator was a good buy.

G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles collection

And I also bought these three, mainly because they came with a figure.

If you see something you need for your collection, let me know, and maybe we can make a trade, but those Mega Monsters are staying with me!


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      I honestly don’t know why I keep promoting the Big Toy Auction — I am just inviting competition. ;) It’s a great place to shop and I know you could find some MOTU items and other vintage toys to add to your collection Ashley.

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      Ha! My wife and I have an agreement. i have free reign as long as she doesn’t see the money coming out of the bank account, which is why some of this stuff will eventually be sold or traded. But I get to enjoy it until then! ;)

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    I just loved boxed stuff. Especially GI Joe. I’d seen the Savage and Ninja Force, but I’ve never seen the Mega Monsters. Wow. Those are BAD.

    Joe really went nuts with the sub-teams like Star Brigade and Battle Corps. So much fun. And the 90s neon colors. CLASSIC!

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