Django Unchained action figures are skyrocketing!

django unchained action figure by neca

This is what you call a well-timed purchase. Last week, when the controversy started brewing about the Django Unchained action figures, I thought it might be a good idea to get one–controversy is usually a good thing when it comes to collectibles. The figures are sold out everywhere, so, I ended up buying this Django figure from Neca’s eBay store for under $30.

Yesterday, the Weinstein Company decided to pull the plug on Neca’s action figure line after the uproar, and the prices of these figures skyrocketed.

I bought this thing with the hope of making money on it in a few years, but one of these Django figures sold for as high as $1,000 yesterday on eBay! I had thought of getting the whole set, but didn’t feel like spending $150 on action figures I didn’t really want–stupid, stupid, stupid.


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    Call Jordan Hemborough… misfit toys for him to pursue! Nice score though Brian. I have been in your shoes as well….The ghost of collections past!

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      A collection of banned/recalled toys would be kind of fun to acquire. Of course, I’d be content to stop once I got a Kenner Alien figure. 😉

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    It’s just crazy how things like these happen with movies and such and now how valuable those items related to them all are. I guess the question is going to be sale now or wait to later.

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    I’d cash in as well. I agree that these prices will probably settle down soon. As the saying goes, “strike while the iron is hot!”

    Any plans to reinvest your quick cask?

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      No immediate plans but it’s been a while since I put anything up on eBay so my collecting funds are getting pretty low. This should help fill the coffers a bit.

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    I have a complete set of all 6… now that ebay is dead… A good place to sell them is??? … perhaps CL but I don’t want to get a beat down by a group of p!ssed off black

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