DC Big Flea vintage toy finds

There aren’t many opportunities for vintage toy hunting in this area. We don’t really have flea markets or rummage sales like a lot places, and the yard sales can be hit or miss, so I always try to visit the Big Flea when it rolls into town. This weekend, I found a few fun vintage toys…

dc big flea vintage toy haul

I added another Colorforms set to my collection–this one is an 80’s Batman set that is still in its shrinkwrap. I also bought a beat up web climbing Remco Spider-Man. It’s missing the battery cover and a few parts, but for ten bucks, it seemed like a good deal to me.

vintage view master reels

I found a plastic sandwich bag full of View-Master reels and cherry picked these beauties. I already had a sealed Batman set but now I can actually see what’s inside!

vintage view master reels - batman and  lone ranger

View-Master sets include the reels and an envelope to order more sets, but they also include miniature books that tell the story of the pictures on the reels.

vintage rocket patrol target game

This was my absolute favorite find of the day–a 1950 Rocket Patrol magnetic target game! This will be a great addition to my collection and I can’t believe I found it tucked away in a booth filled with furniture and doilies.  No way was I passing this up for $20!

vintage magnetic target game

The back side of that board shows another colorful target game, and is pretty scratched up but that’s okay with me, because this side will never see the light of day in my house!

masters of the universe battle ram and zoar

I’m not a big Masters of the Universe collector, but Mitch M.has been bringing these boxed vehicles to the last couple of shows, and this was the weekend that I broke down and bought them.

masters of the universe battle ram box

One look at the back of the Battle Ram box, and the wave of nostalgia makes it all worthwhile.

Addams family card game

I always enjoy browsing through Brent Stokes’ booth and this time around he made me a great deal on this Addams Family card game. I need to figure out a fun way to display some of those cards, which are about 6″ tall. (If you happen to be near New Castle, Delaware next month, Brent is assembling an awesome Octoberfest Toy Show.)

Overall, this was another great trip to the Big Flea. I’ve learned that Saturdays definitely have bigger crowds, but they also have a better assortment of items on display.

Anyone else have any great finds this weekend?


  1. says

    Jealous, jealous, jealous.

    That Remco Spidey, Batman colorforms and view master reels are on my want list. Nice to see you found them. I’m glad you found them.

    Went to a Flea Market in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC and I found zip, zilch, nada for my collection.

    So, please allow me to drool on my keyboard as I look at your sweet pick ups.

  2. says

    What a haul! I think I had something similar to that mag-dart game as a kid. I remember the darts were yellow and red foam-like sticks a few inches long with a small magnet on one end.

    Fantastic score on the Addams cards. They look like they’re in amazing shape.

    • says

      I think the magnet darts for this game had feathers on them–at least that’s what I’ve seen in other online photos.

      The Addams family cards are in pretty good shape and the box isn’t bad either. That was an unexpected find.

  3. says

    Love those He-Man toys. I remember standing around the toy aisle, staring at those wonderful painted box arts and reading the little battle scenes on the back of each figure card.
    So many great memories! Thanks for the posting the pics. Looks like a great haul.

    • says

      Thanks Matt. The Masters of the Universe line probably had the best art of the 80’s. Those boxes are really hard to resist when you find them. 😉

  4. says

    OMG! What a score. Lucky! I see you picked up a Batman Colorforms set. I loved my Remco Spiderman and I am looking for a Remco Batman myself. I still have my Batman viewmaster reels, but they are not in the best of shape. However, they still work. I’d like to have a clean set like yours.

  5. jim says

    want to hear some of my great finds? over the last few years i paid on 1 dollar for that same addams family game, got ideals robert the robot with box for 5 dollars, and i once found land of the giants viewmaster reels with others in a dumpster at a garage sale! they had their jackets. it was a better find than what they had at their sale.

  6. says

    Wow. Nice score.

    Like you, I love the MOTU nostalgia. That artwork alone makes the stuff worth picking up. Man oh man I miss nicely illustrated toy packaging.

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