Countdown to Halloween — “Breaking Bad” Walter White Costume Idea

Halloween is fast approaching. What should I wear? Who should I be? To be honest, I will probably put on a black T-shirt and call it a costume, but if I were to go all out this year, I think I would have to dress up as Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Breaking Bad is clearly the best show on network television. Every Sunday night, I find myself riveted to the TV, wanting to yell at Walt and Jessie as their lives slowly spiral even further down the rabbit hole.

breaking bad heisenberg halloween costume idea

To become the elusive Heisenberg would be the simplest costume. A trip to my own closet would supply just about all the ingredients, but shaving the head might be difficult! Sunglasses, purple shirt, black jacket — check. All I would really need to buy is a black Pork Pie Hat.

breaking bad walt in the desert

Walt on the edge in the middle of the desert — tighty-whities, a green dress shirt and white socks and I’m halfway there. Throw in a .45 and a gas mask and I would clearly have the boldest Halloween costume of the year (and possibly earn a ticket to jail for the night).

breaking bad walter white in his lab suit

Of course, if I was really ambitious, it would be fun to put together the official Walter White meth lab uniform. A yellow Hazmat Suit and full full-facepiece respirator might be difficult to find, but those things could sure come in handy during the next zombie infestation.

To top it all off, I’ll need a bag of blue meth, an extra cell phone, oh, and maybe a turtle with Danny Trejo’s head on it! A guy can dream can’t he? So what’s your real or fictional get-up going to be this Halloween?


  1. says

    Cool ideal and i like the Hazmat ideal and speaking of costumes i started working on mine tonight and i hope to have a picture of me in costume on my blog after or on Halloween.

  2. Bob says

    I was thinking of actually being the turtle with a rubber head glued to the back of my shell and “Hola DEA” painted on it. I’m in a clam shell body brace from breaking my back and trying to make the best of it!

  3. says

    I just ran into someone at target last week and he said he was going to be Walter White. I’ve never seen the show since i don’t have cable, though I’ve heard about it. I likely wouldn’t know f someone was dressed as this man.

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