Countdown to Halloween — The Voice of the Mummy board game

I wanted to feature a spooky vintage board game in the Countdown to Halloween, and they don’t get much spookier than this gem: The Voice of the Mummy.

voice of the mummy board game 1971

This game was released by Milton Bradley in 1971 and is one of the earliest battery operated board games.

voice of the mummy board game 1971

A three tiered foam platform serves as the game board, and a detailed mummy’s sarcophagus rests in the middle of the board.

voice of the mummy board game 1971

Inside the mummy is a record player that plays the voice of the mummy, which instructs you on how to move on your turn.

voice of the mummy board game 1971 playing pieces

These intrepid explorers serve as the player pieces.

voice of the mummy board game 1971 cardboard towers

These cardboard towers are used to hold a player’s gems. The towers in my game have never ben assembled, so I’m not gonna be the one to bend them after 40 years!

Here’s a short video that lets you hear the Voice of the Mummy.

Vintage battery operated board games can be quite collectible. This game is hard to find in good, working condition and typically sells for $100-150 on eBay.


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      I’ve owned the Dark Tower twice in my life and almost bought it again last month at an estate sale, but it wasn’t for sale. Still sad about that one. Such a great game.

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    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this one. But I was also born in 1979, so this is a little before my time. I do have older siblings and have played my share of old-school boardgames, but not this one. This definitely looks like a game I would’ve used to stage many battles with my action figures. But I think it’s really cool. :)

    I also wouldn’t bend those towers. I wouldn’t want to ruin it mint-ness.

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