Christmas came a little early

Well, I can’t say that the internet helped me whittle down my Christmas list this year, but for that I am grateful. Rather than having to make a tough decision, I went ahead and got them both. Thank you internet.

lone ranger target game and batman swoops down

Hake’s made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and as a result, I now have these two awesome items added to my collection.

vintage target games collection

The Lone Ranger target game is beautiful, with vibrant colors that leap out at you. The metal game board is actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but maybe 1939 was not as excessive as in later years, such as when Hopalong Cassidy released his target game.

vintage batman toy collection

The “Batman Swoops Down” game has some excellent vintage artwork on the box and playing board, and I’m really happy to have this one on the shelf.

batman swoops down board game

Okay, so I cheated and unwrapped my gifts early this year, but I’m pretty sure Santa won’t take them back, right? RIGHT!?!

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      Yeah, I’ve been doing a little rearranging of the display shelves lately. I’ll have to write up a post with some better pictures soon.

  1. says

    I really want to see the new shelf arrangement.

    Btw, your superhero collection looks awesome. I am drooling on a daily basis over them. I hopw to have a collection similar to yours one day.

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