Book report — Firefly: A Celebration

Calling all Browncoats! Run, don’t walk to the nearest bookstore or online outlet and buy this book!

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

Firefly: A Celebration contains 545 information-packed pages of Joss Whedon’s epic space western, and is beautifully bound in a soft leather cover.

This is one of those books that fans of the show simply have on their shelf. It is a compilation of the three previous Firefly volumes released by Titan Books, and is the definitive companion book to the TV series. Scripts from every show are included alongside beautiful photos and interviews with the cast and crew.

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

Oh Kaylee. Money well spent on this section alone–think of the rest of the book as bonus material! 😉

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

I’ma  sucker for scrapbook-looking page layouts, and this book uses the technique well.

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

One of the greatest ships in the sci-fi universe.

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

I love glimpses of the production like we see in these storyboards.

Firefly: a celebration -- Joss Whedon

There is a pocket on the inside back cover which holds portraits and a replica bank note from the show.

If you’re a casual or die-hard fan of Firefly, I think you’ll enjoy what this book has to offer.

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Titan Books was kind enough to send me this copy for review and now I am going to pass it on to a visitor to Cool & Collected. Just enter a comment below with your favorite Joss Whedon TV or show or movie, and I’ll pick a random winner on Friday October 19, 2012. I will stop taking submissions at 12:00pm EST on 10/19/2012. Make sure to include your email address in the form so that I can contact you if you are selected (U.S. addresses only please!). THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER. THANKS FOR PLAYING ALONG!


  1. says

    Awwww snap! If we were including ANY media, I would go with Astonishing X-Men. But Buffy wins my heart all the way. Oh God… but Firefly was sooo good… but Cabin in the… no!

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    I must have this wonderful book!

  2. TimW says

    Although I loved Firefly, it was entirely too short, who knows how it would have ended up. Angel was his most consistent show, and produced 5 quality seasons, so I’ll have to go with Angel as my favorite.

  3. says

    I’d have to go with Firefly as my favorite since it was the series that sold me on Whedon. I love the show, but I think I might dig Serenity more because of all the emotion that was wrapped up in getting that one to the screen. It felt very fulfilling to see it twice in the theaters…

  4. says

    Wasn’t much a fan of Buffy or Angel. The Avengers was simply a dream come true. However, I would have to go with Firefly as my favorite. I loved the show and any show that can get my non-scifi watching wife completely hooked is tops in my book.

  5. TJ says

    Hi I just wanted to tell you here what a great blog you have.
    I’m trying to start collecting space toys and I did a google search on it and stumbled across your site.
    I’m not too far away from the DC metro area (Gettysburg pa) and I hadn’t known about the toy collection at the air and space annex. I used to visit NCC1701 all the time as a kid…. Anyhow. Put me down as a firefly fan for sure… The show’s aesthetic and flavor were fanfastic… Damn shame it didn’t continue….

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