Boba Fett as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

This insanely great custom action figure by Siloff has been making the internet rounds lately, and it got me searching for other Boba Fett creations. The sheer volume of creativity displayed by Star Wars fans is incredible. Here are some more samples of what others have done with everyone’s beloved bounty hunter…

boba fett star wars western action figure

Did you know that Boba Fett served in World War II? Back then, he was known as the “Rocket Man.”

boba fett WWII custom action figure

[via Pack Rat Studios]

Here’s the Rocket Man in his Sunday duds.

boba fett WWII action figure - Star Wars

[via Pack Rat Studios]

Everybody’s favorite comic book guy delves into the cosplay world.

boba fett simpsons comic book guy custom action figure


I don’t know much about vinyl toys, but this guy looks pretty awesome.

boba fett custom dunny

[via KidRobot]

An entire Boba Fett costume made out of LEGO. I bet this guy was picking up pieces of his suit during the entire con.

Boba Fett lego Armor

[via GadgetLite]

This cute little guy would look great on the shelf.

boba fett fatty doll

[via Etsy]

A dapper Victorian Boba Fett.

victorian boba fett painting by greg peltz

[via Greg Peltz]

The detail on this plush Boba Fett is pretty amazing.

Star Wars boba fett plush doll

[via leeannasthread]

This steampunk Boba Fett has got to be one of the best cosplay costumes out there.

boba fett steampunk costume

[via tcritic]

I love this teenage Boba Fett figure.

Boba fett toy qube

[via ToyQube]

And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite — redneck Boba Fett:

redneck boba fett
[via kuvatON]


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