American Pickers – Frank Flips Episode Recap and Review

This week’s episode was a bit different for me, because I wasn’t really interested in anything that Mike and Frank found, but I was amused more than usual, thanks to a single character named Tom. We’ll get to Tom later, but let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Danielle calls Mike and Frank while they’re picking their way through Kentucky again. She has a good lead for them but Frank teases her a bit and tells her they are going to flip a coin to decide if they will go to that lead or not. Of course, Danielle is less than thrilled with this new tactic, but luckily the next coin flip goes in her favor and the guys visit Tuti, a former picker who now owns a storage facility. He has ten buildings dedicated to his own stuff, most of which is really great.

american pickers frank flips neon clock

Frank, of course, hones in on some old oil bottles, which would complete his set from last week’s episode. Mike finds a large retro neon spinner clock for $225, while Frank finds a Caldwell’s Velvet ice cream clock for $50.

american pickers frank flips Beatles tray

The pop culture find of this episode was a Beatles serving tray for $20. There are quite a few of these trays on eBay, most of them in better shape than the one Frank found. They’re fairly common and can be had for around $50 if you want to add one to your Beatles collection.

While the guys are picking their way through the storage shed, they uncover one of the more unusual items we’ve seen…

american pickers frank flips jacuzzi

Tuti has a jacuzzi! Apparently, he likes to sit in the hot tub and stare at all his stuff, while waving at his patrons as they visit their storage units.

Before they leave Tuti’s, Mike finds a vintage Schwinn Jaguar bicycle, and you know if it has two wheels, and is covered in rust, Mike will want it. So, he leaves with $75 less in his wallet.

Mike and Frank hit the road again and visit Susan and Andy, who have inherited a garage and a barn full of motorcycle parts and ephemera. Susan’s father was a professional motorcycle racer and had amassed quite a bit of stuff that was just overwhelming to her. She seemed happy to get rid of it… at first.

Mike finds a metal racing shoe, a pair of racing pants, and a motorcycle seat, all for $50 a piece. He also finds a huge assortment of vintage motorcycle ephemera — magazines, manuals, and parts lists. He uses one of my favorite buying tactics, by offering to buy all of the literature, knowing that a lot of it is junk. He gets the whole assortment for $200, and then asks if he can leave behind the garbage!

american pickers frank motorcycle ephemera

Frank and Mike discover a cowhide covered refrigeraor and think it must be some modern furniture maker’s piece, and you can almost see the cartoon dollar signs in their eyes. They haggle and haggle, trying to get Susan to lower her price, but she stands firm at $500 … until she doesn’t. The guys eventually whittle her down to $350 by agreeing to buy a phonograph player too.

american pickers frank cowhide refrigerator

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a disappointed seller, but Susan definitely looked a little beaten down while Mike and Frank gloated over the fridge after they loaded in the van. We did not not see Susan and her husband happily waving as the guys drove away, and there were no kind words provided by her either. (Susan, if you’re out there, let us know what you thought of the whole experience.)

Mike and Frank take their new cow hide fridge to Amber, an appraiser, to see if they purchased a retro treasure. Amber tells them they found a Servel Wonderbar refrigerator from the 50’s, that was designed to be used in a room other than the kitchen. The cowhide covering is not original to the piece, but in this case, it actually increases the value, which is $700.

The pickers leave Kentucky and head to Wisconsin, where we meet Tom, a self-proclaimed hippy, who is an absolute joy. Mike says that Tom’s “property was more manicured than he was.” Tom has quite a unique spread, with lots of gardens and buildings, reminiscent of a true hippy commune from the 60’s. Apparently, Tom did very well for himself by developing Wizard Wick Hurricane Lamps, candles with a smokeless long-lasting wick, that has funded all his purchases.

Tom was a pleasure to watch since he kept Mike and Frank on their toes. They had no idea what to make of the guy! With each negotiation, Tom seems to get the better of them, even though he really doesn’t.

Mike buys a Victorian shadow box with a wedding photo for $50, and an antique glass display case for $160. Tom likes the number 60, and things that end in 60, so most of his negotiations tend to end predictably. He says his dream would be to have 160 outhouses. Ooookay.

american pickers frank hippy Tom

Mike also buys a pair of cast iron posts for $210, after some negotiations where the final price is decided by rock, scissors, paper.

The pickers buy a few more items, including a stained glass window for $200, a peacock serving tray for $15, a Kentucky Bourbon hunting poster for $80.30 (yep), and a large multi-panel Midwest Stores sign for $150. After much hugging and handshaking, Tom washes the windshield of the pickers’ van (because it’s just something he likes to do) and waves goodbye.

Tom really cracked me up, and I don’t think I’ve  laughed more during an episode than I did during this one. Tom may not have had very many interesting items, but his great personality more than made up for it.

Danielle ends the show by flipping a coin to decide Mike and Frank’s accomodations for the evening. She says they’ll be in the van down by the river (an excellent homage to SNL’s Chris Farley, intended or not!). Anyone else out there a fan of Hippy Tom or anything else in this week’s episode? Let’s hear it!


  1. llazy says

    I read something on that .. doesn’t say it was servel’s that caused the deaths.. attributed to earlier models but not specifically servel’s.

  2. Carol D says

    I was very interested in the refrigerator. My grandparents had one of those in the ’50’s. It was in the dining room. I don’t remember it keeping things very cold, but they would pull things out of it on occasion. I haven’t thought of it in 50 years. It didn’t have the cow design. I remember it being dark brown.

    • says

      I agree wholeheartedly! I wish the show would do a “where are they now” episode where they interview the people who were “picked’ and see how the show affected them.

      I know a lot of the guests have seen my blog posts and have posted comments, so Tom, if you’re reading this, let us know how we can buy some Wizard Wick Hurricane Lamps!

    • Captain Eli Jake says

      I recorded the show and have watched it twice. I laughed so hard I cried when Tom replied ” I moved them from over there” to a question from one of the pickers that was something like, ” what about these posts, what have you done with them?” Tom is a real gem, I want to go visit him!

  3. Fred says

    Their use to be Wizard Wicks shops in malls through out Southern CA. back in the 70’s-80’s, but I think they are long out of business. I remember one WW shop that was in the Montclair Mall across from Bob’s Big Boy. It was a very dark and mysterious shop nothing like the Yankee Candle shops we have today.

  4. Mario says

    More power to Tom. He brings back old memories of the 60’s and 70’s. The hippies were fun loving people. To bad this generation can’t capture that atmosphere.

  5. Mario says

    Hey Brian. Did you shoot your pics off the TV? If you did, I do that all of the time. These new TV’s they have nowadays are really good for camera shots. No lines and shadows. But don’t buy a plasma if you are in a dusty area, cause you can’t clean it with anything but a dry cloth, and the dust is drawn to those screens. When you shoot, if you use a flash the dust particles show up in the pics. But anyhow the new All in on printer Kodak has with the cheap cartridges will pay for itself the first time you use it if you print off 8×11 pics cause they are about $7 a shot at Walmart and you can print off lots of that size in permanent colors with the first $30 worth and still have lots of ink left over. For less than a hundred dollars with the ESP 3250 printer you have a scanner, copy machine and a photo printer all in one. But the smaller the pic, the better it prints. I guess that’s the sacrifice for buying a budget model :) Well. if Tom shows here – WE LOVE YOU!! P don’t ever change :)

    • says

      Mario- I actually use a USB device that captures images straight from the TV. If I had an HD box, the images would be perfect, but unfortunately my box is just standard definition, so the images are a little fuzzy.

    • bill says

      What does a printer have to do with capturing images to post here? Would be a super waste of money using ink, no matter what kind of printer you have. And you NEVER use the flash when taking pics off the screen with a digital camera. And yes, flat screens do allow you to take fair pics this way but not near as good as capturing it, but is quick and simple and free.

  6. lucy says

    love this show – really would love to find some of the items they found at susan’s for my father who collects. Does anyone know how to email or contact for possible purchase of that or old antique bee books like a first edition bee journal from around 1860s.


  7. Dent says

    I enjoy this show most all of the time. They guys are fun loving and seem to be doing what they love. Lucky guys! Tom was quite a find. It is always awesome to run into someone as kind as Tom. People like him have the ability to make simple things fun. I hope they go back to see him a few times. I would have loved to meet his wife just to see what she was like. Keep up the great job on the site.
    Kind regards!

    • says

      Tom is located on “Serendipity Farms” in Waterford, Wisconsin. He is on Marsh Road, across from the Tichigan State WildLife Area. His farm is open Thursday through Sunday. There is a TON of stuff to look at – even old bicycles hanging in the trees!?!

      Hope you are able to enjoy!
      LoU! :)

  8. Cathy Riggs says

    Susan, I’m with you — but, I not only want to know where Tom is, but where the hobo guy is, too. (Can’t think … was it “Hobo Joe?”) Anyway, I buy, sell, and collect country & Americana and the pickers pass up some of the most wonderful stuff. I wouldn’t compete against them, because they don’t buy what I do. Think they’d let me tag along?! :o)

  9. discodiva1979 says


    • says

      Yeah, Tom was funny and at the same time inspirational. Remember when he said they were down to $10.10 in their checking account. A real American can do attitude on display.

  10. says

    I lived in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for 28 years before I made my escape to the Oregon coast. Where does Tom live that is near Waterford? This was one of my favorite episodes. Does it bother anyone else that Frank and Mike treat Danielle so poorly? It really annoys me.

    • says

      The guys certainly do pick on Danielle, but she can dish it out too, so I think it’s all in good fun. I don’t think Danielle would let Mike or Frank take it too far.

  11. Amy says

    I have been to Tom’s farm in Waterford “Serendipity Farms” when he used to have his yearly sales—quite an amazing place to say the least and he and his wife are awesome! My backyard pond is adorned with some pieces I found there so it was cool to see the Pickers there

  12. says

    Im steve from wisconsin just watching and enjoying your show and was wondering where in wisconsin you were. if you could give me a shout back and let me know where its at so i can check the place out.

  13. Norma says

    During the segment with Hippie Tom, the guys purchased the glass cabinet. They quickly showed the tag that was on the front of it. Did anyone catch what the tag read? I believe it stated the manufacturer. Any ideas?

  14. Sherry says

    Tom is too cool…I would like a couple of the Hurricane Lamps…..I love the gazing balls…wonder if he has one of the old stands for sale….let me know please!!!

    • Tina says

      I agree. I love Hippy Tom and would love to see more of him on the show. How about a show with just Hippy Tom. He seems to be a great picker himself.

  15. pam baldwin says

    This was the best episode ever. Tom is a beautiful person. Great personality and a true blue hippie. I wonder if he went to Woodstock. I live in Wisconsin and graduated in 1963 and it is so refreshing to see a true hippie to the end. Will hope to visit his farm.

    • says

      yes he was at woodstock,me and tom actuaally partied by the lights of his lamps,it with out a dought would have been one of the coollest things i would have ever done if it had actually happened.tom,the lamps,thousands of others,and jimmy thats a dream.i was born in 62,always felt i was10 years to late,althoe ive always been a peace loving hippie at heart,whats a generation or two. love the pickers love tom,wanna be hippie.wait skip that,the real deal.ponchatoula la.

  16. says

    wizard wick guy was so cool.we love the boys.just wanna squeeze them. Danni rocks in our house! you get em girl. take no junk from those boys!! Love Danni’s style. i was interested in a small chandelier from hippie guy.does he have a listing or pics?Tell him he should cut a hole in the seats of all those chairs to put planters in.women love to decorate the front porch with that old rustic flower planter. i did and made a good buck!! God knows he has a ton of chairs,he could have another good easy and cheap business!! Good luck hippie guy and we love to meet the mrs!!

  17. Dayna says

    Just a random viewer of this ‘American Pickers ‘ episode with “Hippie Tom”. Never had met a hippie but H – Tom in my opinion is a wonderful artist..
    I would purchase a “Wizard Wick Oil lamp” if found.

  18. Jamez says

    Hi everyone, im a picker but to order, and willnot cost you an awfulk lotmore than i paid for the item, take into account petrol and some beer money :-) i love it.. Anythibg you want from a 9 ct gold paperclip to a yacht…… Please let me know. Thanks………
    Ps: love laurel n hardy on the road but i do notlike the “””WE BROKE THEE ICE”””” saying :( :-)

  19. Dwane LaGrou says

    Picked it up at a sale in MINT condition!
    IT IS SO COOL !!!
    I’m thinking of selling it.
    Hey Mike & Frank, Are you there?!

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