A few of my guilty pleasures

gladiator movies

Yes, yes I do (and stop calling me Joey).


I have watched every episode of Survivor.


This is all I would need to survive on a deserted island.


I get an obscene thrill out of placing items in PV119 sheet protectors.

I can watch Trunk Monkey ads all day long.

freak fish postcards

And, I have a wall filled with dozens of vintage freak fish postcards.

Those are a few of my guilty pleasures, but it could be worse. I could harbor a secret love for Vanilla Ice,Β Ace of Base, or the New Kids on the Block. Or, I might even tune in to watchΒ the Nanny, Pretty Little Liars, or Dance Moms (I don’t even know what that is!). Who are these people?!



  1. Hobgoblin238 says

    Wow…Yeah the fish thing is pretty freaky my friend! Enjoy it though. You might be the only one in the world with that guilty pleasure!

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