What Have I Seen?!? (February 2013)

Movies Watched in February 2013

In order of most favorite to unwatchable. My ranking system is primarily based on how much I enjoyed the movie–i.e. would I watch it again, and recommend it to others. An asterix indicates whether I have seen the movie before.

Planet of the Apes* — One of my all-time favorite movies. The ending still gives me chills. ’nuff said.

Argo — Amazing movie! I desperately want someone to put together the actual fake “Argo” movie, and I will be hunting down one of those movie posters until the day I die. Learning about John Chambers’ role in the CIA just blew my mind. Ben Affleck, I never doubted you, even during your JLo phase, and I am glad to see you achieving this level of success. (I wrote more about Argo earlier this week.)

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes* — My second favorite PoTA movie. This movie is so raw and gritty, and pulls no punches with the social commentary that is present in all the Apes movies. All hail Caesar!

Beneath the Planet of the Apes* — The burning Lawgiver scene in this movie is one of my favorites, and that ending–wow. I can imagine a lot of depressed people leaving the theaters in the 70′s. Still great overall!

John Carter of Mars — Finally got around to watching this, and I was so, so wrong to wait — loved this movie! Sure, it strayed from the source material, and not in a better way, but it was fun! Taylor Kitsch, I owe you an apology. Lynn Collins is quite fetching (yeah, I said fetching). Why did this movie flop? This should have been a huge success and led to many sequels–it’s way better than most of what Hollywood is churning out these days.

Transporter* – The movie that started my man-crush for Jason Statham. If you don’t get up and kick or punch something while watching this movie, you’re doing it wrong. Easily the most fun martial arts fighting sequences in modern cinema. The oil can fight in the bus station — need I say more? (Oh yeah, other than the French inspector, the rest of the acting cast is dreadful, but Statham saves the day/movie, of course!)

The Rocketeer* — This is the perfect Saturday matinee movie. It always makes me feel like a kid sitting in the theater in the 50′s, watching a Republic Serial. The cast in this movie is great with Timothy Dalton, Terry O’Quinn, and Alan Arkin–and of course Jennifer Connelly at her best! On watching it this time, I found myself thinking Billy Campbell was too old for the part–he acted much younger than he appeared.

Galaxy Quest – After watching the entire run of Star Trek movies last year, I can honestly say that Galaxy Quest is better than all of them. Funny movie with a great cast that plays up the campiness just enough. Now I want to see this movie remade with the original Star Trek cast.

Wrath of the Titans — Like John Carter, this movie was much better than I expected. Sure, it was short on plot, but the effects and non-stop action scenes were a lot of fun. The massive scale of the final battle scene would have been great on the big screen.

American Psycho* — What a strange, screwed up ride this is.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched this movie, and this time I pictured Patrick Bateman as the Dark Knight the whole time, which made it even better! A true homage to 80′s music that is almost as cringe-worthy as the violence.

Chronicle — Socially-awkward, abused teenager gets super powers–what could possibly go wrong? I actually enjoy a good “found footage” movie, and this one was pretty entertaining. I can absolutely see teenagers using their powers for ill.

Django — A true classic Spaghetti Western. I watched the dubbed version and found the voice acting to be way too distracting to be enjoyable. Django sounded like someone who was doing a bad Clint Eastwood impersonation. Definitely should have gone with subtitles, because this is a fun movie.

Beethoven* — Another one I watched with the kids. Who remembers that this movie had evil villains who kidnapped dogs to be used as target practice for explosive-tipped bullets? Not this guy.

Books Read in February 2013

Rack Toys by Brian Heiler
A great book by the man behind Plaidstallions. I’ve been meaning to review this book for a while but want to take the time to do it right. For now, let me just say that this book should be on the shelf of every toy collector and pop culture fan. Loved it!

World War Z by Max Brooks
This book reads like a survival manual for Doomsday Preppers. Hardly any zombies, but that was actually a good thing. Really enjoyed this book and think it could be used as a training manual for our government in case of an epidemic of mass proportions. From what I’ve seen in the World War Z movie trailer, it looks like they’re changing things up in a big way.

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: An Insider’s Look at the World of Flea Markets, Antiques, and Collecting by Maureen Stanton
Okay, so I got sucked in by the (long) title, but this was a pretty good read. Most of the book was about antique furniture and items that don’t really interest me, but a whole chapter was devoted to comic books and pop culture, so I’ll give it a thumbs up. I learned a bit about bargaining and the interactions between the dealers at flea markets and shows which was pretty interesting. I also learned that I don’t want to become a full-time dealer. ever.


  1. says

    Yeah, Django with Subtitles all the way. I still need to see Chronicle and Argo. Haven’t seen American Psycho since the theater. Need to remedy that. Also need to pick up that Rack Toys book…

  2. says

    The dubbing in Django is bad, not the worst I’ve heard but still takes you out of the movie.

    I think the only thing the WWZ book has to do with the movie is that they’re using it it wipe their behinds. :| If you liked the book, I highly recommend the audio book which has different actors telling each story.

    • says

      That sounds great! I really liked how each chapter was a different person’s recollection. I think I might have to forget this book before seeing the movie.

  3. pjtek says

    You need to add “Machete” to your watch list! Not for the young ones!!! Great cast and ’70′s style!! Even has an action figure and cool posters and old time lobby cards! Please look it up and check it out if you have not already. I think you would appreciate it!

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