Vintage Mego Batman Mobile Bat Lab – It’s a Vanagon!

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

Holy Vanagon Batman! Check out this amazing Mego Mobile Bat Lab up for auction on eBay.

This is a complete Mobile Bat Lab scaled to fit 8” action figures (not included). It includes the Front End Foe Catcher, a Rear Winch with Bat-Grappling Hook and a Revolving Bat Platform for Outside Spying. The vehicle looks like the old Hippy VW bus, the side slides open, there is a wide bench seat and steering wheel, the roof slides open and the van is duly decorated with Batman insignia although some of the edges are lifting. It measures 15” x 8” x 6”. This toy has been gently used and could use some cleaning, but the box is dated 1975 and all things considered, it is a wonderful vintage toy, in great condition. I will be offering Batman, Robin & Penguin from 1974 over the next few weeks if you are interested in this series.

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

This thing would make an amazing showpiece in any Batman collection, and it even has the original box. I love the little Mousetrap-esque net on the front — there’s no way the dastardly Penguin could evade that trap!

Is Christmas coming soon? Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been a good boy this year (mostly).

This toy is being sold by a Church thrift shop, so bid high and bid often. Your money is going to a good cause.

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

1974 vintage Mego Batman mobile bat lab

Photos reproduced with permission.


  1. says

    And the winner is….. did you win this auction? I must say it’s a great looking VW bus, it’s also a nice wannahave, if your are a VolksWagen collector.

    • says

      Sadly, it wasn’t me. The final bid was $226.66, which was just a teensy bit outside of my comfort zone. I never even knew this van existed, so now at least, i have something new to look for in all my wanderings.

  2. says

    It’s a thing of beauty! I keep looking at the pictures, salivating…back to work with me! I agree with Brian, at least it’s something to keep an eye out for while flea market hunting…

    • Lee says

      I had one of these when I was a kid, my gran bought it for me, I wasn’t really that impressed with it at the time as I had grown out of batman stuff and it was an odd size, just a bit too big for the figures of the time, I did not have any of the batman figures. I may still have it somewhere in my parents loft but all the bits and pieces would be gone and no box or anything. I could imaging it being popular with VW camper/bus enthusiasts. I wish I had kept my stuff in their boxes now, damn me for being playful, oh and I did like to disassemble my toys, my parents said I was destructive but I just needed to see how they worked, I was a lego and mechano kind of kid.

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