Toy Photography – LEGO Superman vs. Power Armor Lex Luthor

I took some photos of the new Lego Superman vs. Power Armor Lex Luthor set this weekend. Usually when you see Lego photos, the entire scene is built out of the colored bricks, but I’m not that talented, so much like what they do in the video games, I used a more realistic backdrop.

Shooting this from a worm’s eye view really makes the robot look huge! I positioned the figures so that the diagonal lines in the background point right at Lex, and I also made that area the brightest section of the picture, which worked pretty well…

lego superman vs power armor lex

This photo looked great at a large size, but shrunk down here, it look a little muddy. I may have overdone the shading a bit…

lego superman vs power armor lex

One of my favorite techniques for toy photography is to crop in close on the subject, which gets you so close to the action. It almost makes it feel like a comic book cover…

lego superman vs power armor lex

One of these days, I’m going to figure out how to effectively photograph glass and clear plastic like that used in the dome on this robot. Anyone got any tips?


  1. says

    Looks great! I always end up being lazy and just using my iPhone to take photos of my toys. I need to get my camera out more often.

    I can’t wait until the Marvel sets come out so we can have LEGO Hulk vs. Superman!

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