Toy Hunter — “West Coast Wonders” recap and review

Jordan is in Los Angeles and visits an old friend named Mark, who has a large storage unit filled with toys. We’ve seen storage units before, but this one is different–it’s organized, and the boxes look to be archival-quality. Mark is a collector who knows what he has, where it is, and what it’s worth.

The first purchase that Jordan makes is a couple of vintage Masters of the Universe vehicles that are still in their original boxes. He pays $75 for a Laser Bolt and Atak Trak. Those MOTU vehicles were nice but it didn’t take long for Mark to bring out the big guns — Mego figures! He has pristine, boxed figures of Batman, the Joker, and Jordan buys a rare Thor figure for $450.  But wait, it gets better…

toy hunter -- mego greatest american hero

Mark saved the best for last and brings out a rare prototype of the unreleased Greatest American Hero doll. This figure was never put into production and Mark wants $10,500 for it. Jordan can’t swing that kind of money, but he agrees to broker it for Mark and try to find a buyer. Anything over $10,500 goes into Jordan’s pocket.

The next stop is with George who collects Mego, Star Wars and Barbie (!?). George has a complete set of vintage carded Star Wars figures. Unfortunately, he opened the figures and even painted a bunch of them to make them “better,” devaluing them in the process. Jordan buys the set for $425.

toy hunter -- pulsar toy figure

In a plastic storage bin, Jordan finds a vintage Pulsar figure, which was a competitor to the Bionic Man toy line. The figure is complete with the box and Jordan buys it for $65, along with three Star Team figures for an additional $25.

toy hunter -- Star Wars Boba Fett 12" Kenner figure

In another bin, Jordan finds boxed Star Wars 12″ figures, including a great Boba Fett still in the packaging — I want one! Jordan buys Boba for $400.

Jordan makes a quick stop at a film studio to sell Pulsar for $150 to a collector named Jordu.

toy hunter -- creature collection

The next stop for Jordan is with a pop culture fanatic named Len, who has an amazing, eclectic collection, including an awesome display case of Creature figures. I would have been fine with a whole episode exploring Len’s collection, but that’s another show. Jordan buys a vintage Aurora Batmobile slot car for $40 and a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying car by Corgi for $250.

toy hunter -- tap out founder

The last stop of the episode is with Dan, the founder of Tap-Out and a collector with very deep pockets. We actually met Dan on the Toy Hunter(s) pilot when he bought the rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure prototype. In this episode, he buys the Mego Greatest American Hero figure for $13,000! Now, there’s a collection I want to see!


  1. Richard says

    I really enjoy that show. I was at New York Comic Con over the weekend and saw a few venders tht I recognized from Toy Hunter. The guy with the long gray hair who bought that Frankenstein and the board game from Jordan had a booth set up there. Was definitely a cool experience being up there.

  2. says

    Another one of my favorite episodes. Plenty of items up my alley. However, I was surprised by the comment about why they didn’t know the reason for the Greatest American Hero figures never being produced. It was because they went bankrupt before the figures were released. I really want to get my hands on one of those 12 inch Boba Fetts too.

  3. Frankie says

    I have one prototype greatest american hero doll like the one you purchased. If you no any collector that is interested,please feel free to send an email.
    Thank you.

    Frankie R.

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