Time for some Spring cleaning!

I have a deep dark secret. My basement storage room is overflowing with toys, and I want them gone. This is the time of year that I stock up on items at the local yard sales — items for my own collection as well as items I can sell to fund my ‘habit.” The problem is that I haven’t been nearly as good about getting rid of items this past year. Time has not been kind, and as a result, I am maxed out on space. My wife has started throwing around the H-word, and it’s getting hard to argue that remark after seeing the current state of things.


Rather than calling a toy hunter to come and rip me off, I thought I’d invite the online masses to paw through the goods and rip me off remotely. ;)

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spilling out the contents of these boxes and putting up photos here on the site. If you see something you want, email me an offer. If I can get 75% of the going price on eBay, I’ll be very happy. Shipping will be a standard $12, no matter how much you buy unless the item is overly large or heavy. Bundle a bunch of items and the price could get even better for you. I just really want this stuff gone. Heck, I might even open the boxes marked “KEEP!!!!”

So, where should I begin? The box marked Star Wars? All those bins of G.I. Joe figures? Jurassic Park? Lord of the Rings? TMNT? Marvel/DC? Board games? Let me know what you’d like to see first.


  1. says

    Holy cow, that’s awesome! I’m sure others would see that pile of stuff and choose a different word to describe it but I sure would love to have that problem piling up in my garage!

    Is your Hall of Justice for sale? Is it complete? Been after one for the nostalgia angle ;)

    • Brian says

      That’s a Darda Demon Race track. Here’s a similar one on eBay: http://bit.ly/1nsoPQ9
      And yes, it’s for sale. It’s been opened, but I’m pretty sure it’s complete and the box is in great shape. i can send you some photos if you want.

  2. says

    Man, I had that Jurassic Park Command Compound as a kid and the T-Rex. I’m tempted to ask what you want for those, hah.

    • Brian says

      That T-Rex is probably the one thing in the photos that I’m holding onto for now. I do have a loose one but I need to find its arm. ;) I’d let the compound go cheap because the batteries leaked in the desk piece. The shipping would be high — that box is huge!

  3. says

    “Rather than calling a toy hunter to come and rip me off”

    Nice. I LOL-ed. Literally.

    Given our past business, I’m excited to see what you have! Any Batman/DC/Marvel goodies coming?

    Can I also just say how jealous I am of your basement? They’re pretty non-existent here in AZ.

    • Brian says

      I’ll open up the Marvel and DC boxes next, but I’m not sure there’s too much “new to you” stuff in there. Check my Shop link at the top of the page to see some of the items in there.

      No basements in AZ? I don’t think I would be married if I didn’t have a basement for all my stuff. ;)

  4. billy says

    I’d really like to see what gi joe items you have. and any gi joe knock off stuff like corps figures

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