Through rain and sleet and gloom of night comes… the SK Comix Anthology #3!

Thank God for the mailman and his unstoppable work ethic. It would take more than a little hurricane to prevent me from getting this delivered today…

strange kid comix

It’s the SK Comix Anthology #3 from the Strange Kids Club! This magazine is oozing with 80’s pop culture contributed by an impressive pool of talented artists and writers.

strange kid comix

Hey, look at that–I’m published! My mama’s gonna be so proud.

A huge congratulatory back slap to Rondal Scott (AKA Strange Kid) and all the awesome contributors to this anthology.


  1. says

    Contratulations, Flea Market Warrior! I have many Kenner’s Action FIgs from 90s. From 80s, I keep my beloved Playmobiles (not sold in Perรบ since early 90s!!)

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