This Week’s Top 10 — 11/16/2012

The 10 best things I saw this week…

Todd McFarlane The Amazing Spider-Man #325 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1989)
Todd McFarlane The Amazing Spider-Man #325 original cover art (Heritage Auctions)

fantastic adventures april
Fantastic Adventures — War of the Giant Apes

avengers #495 original art
Avengers #495 original art  (Comic Connect)

solomon kane painting
Solomon Kane original painting by Ken Kelly
 (Comic Connect)

westworld movie poster
Westworld movie poster (emovieposter)

lord f the rings knickerbocker action figures
Vintage 1979 Lord of the Rings Knickerbocker action figures (eBay)

scareglow motu carded action figure
Masters of the Universe Scare Glow carded action figure (eBay)

black hole mego figures
1979 Black Hole 12″ figure set from Mego (eBay)

dinoriders lot of 80's toys
Dino-Riders toy lot (eBay)

zira by Blain Hefner
Planet of the Apes Zira illustration by Blain Hefner. I bought this original pen and ink drawing at Blain’s Etsy shop, but I left some great Universal Monsters illustrations for the rest of you! Blain’s artwork is AMAZING in person, and I had been eyeing this illustration ever since he had it in his gallery show not too long ago. Zira and her all-knowing eyes will watch over the cave for me whenever I am away.


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