The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

League of Extraordinary Bloggers logoThe League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a loose knit, ragtag crew of pop culture bloggers who get together each week and write about a shared topic. We cross-promote one another and introduce new readers to our sites.

Here’s how it works…

Each Monday, I announce a different topic here on Cool & Collected. Any blogger who wants to contribute to the weekly topic has until the following Sunday to write an article about the specified topic. Once the article is posted, the writer must send me an email or DM with the link.

On Monday, I will list all the blogs that contributed to that week’s topic. The topic for the next week will also be announced on Mondays.

Every blog that contributes to the weekly topic, should add their own excerpts and links to some or all of the other contributing sites, using Cool & Collected’s list as a guide. This is optional, but the more people that do this, the more traffic will be generated for all of us. (You can not simply copy and paste someone else’s list because that could adversely affect your, and their Google rank.)

Benefits to your site:

1. You will gain an increase in traffic. Once you write up your post, I will add a link to it here on Cool & Collected, and then other contributing sites will add links to it as well.

2. You will gain new readers. When you increase your blog’s traffic, you will also introduce new people to your site. If you are posting informative blogs consistently and your visitors see this, they will find reason to keep coming back.

3. You will gain new links back to your blog. These links will increase your ability to get traffic, not only from the participating blogs but also from the rest of the internet as well, thanks to the search engines.

4. Fresh ideas! Sometimes as a blogger, it’s difficult to come up with an idea of what to write about. By participating in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers you would get a new idea to consider each week, and will hopefully see an increase in your traffic due to the increase of inbound links you will receive.

How to Join the League

It’s easy to join the League, all you need is a blog or a website. Send me an email to let me know you want to take part. If you want to see some of the sites that have already joined, check out the comment list on the original introductory post. The turnout and participation so far has been incredible, and the best part is that we’re all having a good time.