Hake’s Highlights — Top Picks from Auction #215

Have you checked out the latest Hake’s auction catalog yet? The highlight of this particular auction is the Franco Toscanini Superman collection, but even if Superman isn’t your thing, there is plenty to rev up your collecting engines! I always set aside a good hour or two to carefully go through the auction, category by […]

Help me internet, you’re my only hope.

Earlier today, I did something that was either really stupid, or incredibly amazing — I just don’t know which. I need your help. I purchased this signed Star Wars poster from “some guy.” There is no documentation and all the information I have is that this guy, let’s call him “Slipping Jimmy,” bought it at a pawn shop years […]

A few of my favorite things — Hake’s auction #214

Did you feel that? A disturbance in the force of collecting, as if millions of collectors cried out with joy — Hake’s has released their latest auction catalog. Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but I actually feel that way when a new Hake’s catalog is unveiled online. I feel as if collectors across the globe […]

“War of the Worlds” movie posters

At some point today, Mondo will release its latest poster for the H.G. Wells’ sci-fi classic, The War of the Worlds. This poster was designed by Paris-based artists, Stan & Vince. I think they nailed it, especially with the variant, which features glow in the dark green ink. The image really captures the feel of giant invaders […]

Terminator poster by Gabz

Despite the seemingly endless flow of art posters out there, I still get excited when a true gem shows up. Lately, those gems all seem to have been created by the hands of Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz). Check out his latest beauty… Grey Matter Art under license from Studiocanal S.A. is proud to present a New Officially Licensed, Limited […]

This King Kong poster tells a story

Last night, this Belgian Congo King Kong poster sold at emovieposter.com with a final bid of $479.00 — you know it’s something special when the experts at emovieposter.com have never seen one before. There’s no telling how high the price may have reached if the poster was in better condition, but personally, I love it just […]