Any Fantasy Football players out there?

Are you ready for some football!?! It’s that time of year again, and I’m hoping to revive the Madball Football League again this season, but wanted to gauge the interest level. Team owners are asked to submit items to the prize pack, but it’s not required — if you don’t contribute anything, you can’t win anything except […]

The Madball Football League has a new champion!

First, let me apologize for this post being a week late, but with the season ending on Christmas Eve, that kind of threw everything out of whack. So, without further ado, let’s hear it for our new champion… the Double Dumbasses! Congratulations Jon! The golden turtle will be coming your way after spending the last […]

Madball Football League — Week 15 Results

Gah! I score 93pts and still lose by 51! Jamaal Charles, you are dead to me. So, our championship matchup will be between the Noisy Devils of and the Double D’s from Who will win it all??? We’ll find out one week from today!

Madball Football League — Week 14 Results

This was the week where I tossed my sword to my right hand and declared I was never left-handed. Next up is the Noisy Devils, who have sat at the top of the ranks all season. Wish me luck! After the first round of the playoffs, we say goodbye to the Clones of Anarchy, Title […]

Madball Football League — Week 13 Results

I was fairly confident that Eric Decker was going to take down Howie Decker this week, but then Drew Brees decided to have his worst game in a decade. Oh well. The playoffs are here! Looks like Poe made it in and is coming on strong — will he repeat this season?! We bid farewell […]

Madball Football League — Week 10 Results

This is the point in the season where I start humming the old Jefferson’s theme song… Much like the real life NFC, there is a good chance that some lousy teams are going to make the playoffs! Of course, those are the teams that will end up knocking me out in the first round.