Collection Update: May 2015

There’s nothing I love more than looking through other people’s collections. Things have certainly moved around since the last time I took you on a tour of my own cave. After the Great Flood of 2015 (not really), I decided to rearrange the shelves and focus more on the heroes in my collection, which is where pretty much all […]

This King Kong poster tells a story

Last night, this Belgian Congo King Kong poster sold at with a final bid of $479.00 — you know it’s something special when the experts at have never seen one before. There’s no telling how high the price may have reached if the poster was in better condition, but personally, I love it just […]

Collectors who corner the market

I saw this article on ESPN this morning about a collector who has been secretly buying up every 1964 Topps Curt Flood trading card. Whether he intended to or not, Mike Haply has cornered the market for that particular card. Collectors who try to complete their set are forced to pay an average of $30 […]

The best things to come out of SDCC 2014

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and once again, I watched the events unfold from the comfort of my air-conditioned cave several thousand miles away. I am always thankful for (and more than a little jealous of) those of you who do go to the show and share your bounty of photos with […]

King Kong sighting

There are some genius marketing skills in play here. I just hope the giant inflatable gorilla dancing on the roof isn’t hurting their sales.