This week’s assignment from the League: Movie Monsters

Okay, this is the last one, I promise! It’s almost Halloween, and I just can’t get it off my brain, so this week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is… — Movie Monsters — REMEMBER!: The League is always open to new members! Got a blog? Write a post in response to the weekly challenge, […]

The League has spoken: Halloween photo assignment

Halloween week is finally here (and yes, in my house, Halloween is a week-long event). The League of Extraordinary Bloggers has taken on the challenge to photograph how the holiday is celebrated in their neck of the woods. Check it out… Whatever I Think of D.I. Treasures Cool & Collected Nerd Out with Me AEIOU and Sometimes […]

Collectible 2013 Halloween packaging

Like in year’s past, I have scoured store shelves for the creepiest, spookiest, most collectible candy and food packaging. For whatever reason, this year seemed awfully quiet on the Halloween front. A few contenders were disqualified due to having the same packaging as in previous years, such as M&M’s and Cap’n Crunch, but there were […]

Don’t worry Gotham, we got this.

I don’t usually post photos of my kids on the site, but every now and then, they do something cute. Behold! I have been begging and pleading for this combination since my second son was born, and after years of Pokemon, Skylanders, Mickey Mouse and assorted animals, these two finally granted dear old dad his […]

Halloween is coming!

Nothing gets you in the halloween spirit like a local pumpkin patch or corn maze. I am very fortunate to have a nearby farm that puts on a huge annual Fall Festival that runs for two months every autumn. Cox Farms is a family tradition and is always on the top of the kids’ “to […]

This week’s assignment from the League: Halloween photo assignment

Halloween is nearly upon us, but there’s still time for another Halloween weekly topic! This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers … — Photo assignment: Grab your camera and snap a few pictures of how you, or your home town, is celebrating the greatest holiday of the year: Halloween! — REMEMBER!: The League is always open […]

Skylanders — The Halloween edition

The latest Skylanders game was released this past weekend, and my wallet is whimpering. Looking at the new Skylanders SWAP Force figures reminded me just how great these characters are, and how they are truly a collectible in their own right. Since the Halloween season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to photograph […]