A few of my favorite things — Hake’s auction #214

Did you feel that? A disturbance in the force of collecting, as if millions of collectors cried out with joy — Hake’s has released their latest auction catalog. Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but I actually feel that way when a new Hake’s catalog is unveiled online. I feel as if collectors across the globe […]

Batman Forever… Stamps

The US Postal Service has been taking a lot of heat lately for their “non-traditional” stamps, but if it gets us Batman stamps, I’m okay with it. Bring on an Adam West/Burt Ward tribute series next. Now those are true American heroes!

Do they make these slightly larger?

Any dad who has ever pushed around those obnoxious car carts at the grocery store knows that this is what the kids are actually imagining is happening. I think I just found a new favorite Youtube channel. Super-Fan Builds can come to my house and build me a Batcave whenever they want. I’ll even provide the […]

Collector Profile: Tokyo Toy Guy’s fantastic Batman collection

If you are a Batman collector, odds are that you’re familiar with the Tokyo Toy Guy’s documentaries. Yuji has travelled the world to document other collectors and museums focusing on Batman memorabilia, so I thought it would be fun to take a tour of the Toy Guy’s own collection… How did your collection start? What was the first item […]

The lights came on and there he was… Batman!

It’s cold. If you’re living in the lower 48, you can probably relate. Our local schools were closed today because they couldn’t get the buses to start. Despite the frigid temperatures, I braved the elements and went to Toys R Us. While standing in the NECA aisle, the power went out due to the cold. Have […]