Action figures for sale

I’m trying to clear out some space by selling in bulk. Make me an offer! And be sure to check out the TMNT figures I put up yesterday. Shipping will be $12 to U.S. addresses. Those diecast Eagle Force figures are pretty sweet! There’s plenty more to come, so if you want me to set […]

Batman and Robin electric toothbrush by Janex

Have you ever bought somebody’s old toothbrush? No? Well, you clearly have more sense than me. I like nothing more than plastic that has been formed into the shape of a favorite character. Figural products are a passion of mine, and I recently added this beauty to the Batman collection… This toothbrush has eluded me […]

Collectors are insane

Warning: This article exemplifies the pot calling the kettle black. I am a collector. I have spent way too much money on way too much stuff, but I am not alone. I think it’s fair to say that collectors, in general, are borderline insane. There really is no logical reason to spend thousands of dollars […]

1966 Batman flashlights added to the cave

I truly believe that the only time you get a good deal on eBay is when the seller screws up. I’ve watched many of these Batman wristwatch flashlights come and go on eBay over the years — they usually sell for $30+. I recently stumbled upon an auction listing for two flashlights.  The title of the […]

POW! Vintage Batman game up for bid at Hake’s

Last week, the newest auction went live over at Hake’s Americana & Collectibles. Every time a new catalog is released, I clear a few hours to devour the pages and see what treasures the crew in York, Pennsylvania has discovered this time around. Usually, I head straight towards the Batman section and branch off from there, […]

Tokyo Toy Guy showcases Batman collections around the world

I have found Heaven, and apparently, it’s in Thailand, or maybe Singapore. “Tokyo Toy Guy” is a documentary five years in the making, which showcases the world’s greatest Batman collections. These newly released clips focus on Bat-Cat’s Batman museum in Bangkok, Thailand and the Singapore Mint Museum of Toys. Tokyo Toy Guy @ Bangkok Episode2 […]