Hake’s Highlights — Top Picks from Auction #215

Have you checked out the latest Hake’s auction catalog yet? The highlight of this particular auction is the Franco Toscanini Superman collection, but even if Superman isn’t your thing, there is plenty to rev up your collecting engines! I always set aside a good hour or two to carefully go through the auction, category by […]

Catwoman model by Moebius

Being a vintage Batman collector has been putting a squeeze on my wallet lately, not from buying vintage items, but from all the amazing new products based on the classic 1966 TV show. As we near the 50th anniversary of the Adam West and Burt Ward series, the number of licensed products based on the […]

Batman — Celebrating the Silly

If you’re ever feeling down, or as if the weight of the world is bearing down on you, I would prescribe thumbing through an old silver age comic book — a 12-cent comic is the sure cure for turning any frown upside down. Of course, I would recommend an old issue of Batman for the most serious case of […]

KRAAACK! — NECA 1/4 scale 1966 Batman

This post has been simmering for a long time. Back in November, I purchased this huge 1/4 scale Batman figure from Big Bad Toy Store as soon as it went on sale. When I opened the box, I was ecstatic! The Adam West likeness is incredible, and the figure stands at over 18″ tall — this is […]

A few of my favorite things — Hake’s auction #214

Did you feel that? A disturbance in the force of collecting, as if millions of collectors cried out with joy — Hake’s has released their latest auction catalog. Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but I actually feel that way when a new Hake’s catalog is unveiled online. I feel as if collectors across the globe […]