• Brian says

      Thanks George. i actually took my diorama outside for these photos. all the green you see is trees in the backyard, while the up close “trees” are part of the diorama. I haven’t done this before with a diorama, but the results were pretty good.

      • says

        Brian – that was in honor of you. Once I saw that trailer and the case of apes at BBTS, I had to do it. Can’t wait to see the movie – think I saw some apes in the trailer carrying M16s later. Will have to do part 2 of this diorama with heavy artillery. The ToyBiz Lord of the Rings horses worked perfectly.

        • Brian says

          I’m desperately trying to hold off on my army building for the classic apes due out next month. Those LOTR horses do look good!

  1. says

    Hi Brian!!

    At last I can comment! (Extremely cool photos, Brian, I love the grayscale one, looks like a shot from a 60s movie).

    Let me tell you my story if some else is facing the same problem: Since a month or so when I summited my posts on CoolandCollected they misteriously dissapeared. I didn’t care because I was busy with university’s stuff, but recently when I tried again the problem remainded.
    I tried from Firefox, Opera, IE and Chrome, same problem. I tried from home and from workplace, same thing. So it was not related to my PC, it may be related to my location (Perú).
    I looked on internet for some else having this problem and I found that wordpress sometimes have this issue. Then I found out its post engine is powered by a site called Akismet that also works as an automated spam filter. It may be catching my comments as spam.

    So, as long I’m an alpha nerd (geeky engineer), I perused coolandcollected source code.
    I found references to Akismet! Also, Dinosaurdracula gave me this problem, I perused its source code too, and it also uses Akismet!

    Then, two days ago, I contacted Akismet.
    Problem fixed!

    Isn’t it cool to be an engineer? 😀

    • Brian says

      Thanks for letting me know Yelinna. Unfortunately, Aksimet is a plug-in I can’t live without — this site gets over a thousand spam comments a day, and Akismet filters all of them very well — maybe too well. :(

      I’ll have to look into this and see if I can tweak the settings, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix it. If you ever have trouble again, please feel free to get in touch by email,, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks! :)

      • says

        Don’t worry Brian, it wasn’t your fault (as I mentioned, i had the same problem with
        It seems Akismet is doing its work very well (filtering thousands of spam comments) so I will recommend you to leave it the way it is. You can copy/paste my comments on this page as a help hint if other people have the same problem.

        In my case I went to and then selected the option “I have a technical support question”. They answered in a few hours via email, asked me for completing a form to reproduce the problem, and solved it in less than a day.

        Greetings 😀

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