Skylanders — The Halloween edition

The latest Skylanders game was released this past weekend, and my wallet is whimpering. Looking at the new Skylanders SWAP Force figures reminded me just how great these characters are, and how they are truly a collectible in their own right. Since the Halloween season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to photograph some of the creepiest figures that have been released so far…

skylanders darklight crypt adventure pack
Dark Light Crypt adventure pack

skylanders fright rider
Fright Rider

skylanders grim creeper
Grim Creeper

skylanders hex

skylanders ghost roaster
Ghost Roaster

skylanders halloween eyebrawl
Pumpkin Eye Brawl Special Halloween Edition

There are dozens of Skylanders figures in the series, and there are variant poses for many of them. The characters range from silly and fun to dark and spooky — there is truly something for everyone!


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